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Cinder Cell / Press

“In front of fans, friends and family, Cinder Cell gave it their all. They handled Crazy Frogs with ease. As the night marched on, the line between dance floor and stage became non-existent. Come to think of it, the line between bar tables and stage got a little blurry too. No one was sitting down. No one wanted to go home. People shouted “Encore!”, “Keep playing!” and “One more!” (read on, there's more!)”

“CINDER CELL East Texas band Cinder Cell hails from Tyler. Every time they rock Houston it’s a good time that you just don’t want to end. Cinder Cell recorded a show last weekend to be released as a live EP in the near future. Check out their song “Loser” on Youtube and keep in touch on Myspace. (read on, there's more!)”

“Fresh off their Jagerfest performance, the hard working, hard rocking band Cinder Cell made time for an interview with me. Bassist Chaz Ritchie, singer Ben Stuart, guitarist Shaun Wood and drummer Kip Krugler happily answered the most basic of questions. Since the band’s popularity is surging, we asked what a new fan would want to know. (there's more, read on!)”

“Cinder Cell was back in Houston last weekend after being handpicked by the owner of Crazy Frogs to perform for her birthday bash. “These are my guys.” (Crazy Frog's owner) Penny said. “They saved me before when a couple of bands cancelled and they know how to rock the roof off!” (there's more, read on!)”

““The true spirit of rock and roll is to not to stay in that same mold cast or in the image of what you are supposed to be. You're supposed to be who you are and never forget that. “ CINDER CELL (there's more, read on!)”

“But, the crowd was going to wait on Cinder Cell to get onstage and do what they do to make them happy. Of course they didn’t disappoint after taking the stage around 12:30am. Cinder Cell always gives everything they’ve got…whether it’s actually on the stage, or on top of the bar, or just down in the crowd. (there's more, read on!)”