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Camburn / Press

"Camburn is like the Chameleon of the music world lol Stereopsis comes to mind."

“We would have never believed this could work... but you know what? It's actually very cool! You might just start a whole new genre here. Countrap... Raptry... Country Raptern... :-) Only a creative mind could have conceived and executed this. Great effort!”

“Damn girl this is quite a bit different from the normal groove you got going on. I mean that in a really good way! I'll have to check out this Copperhead fella as well. Great new song. Keep on bringing more creativity here to SF. In my opinion you are one of the greatest artists here!”

“Love the moral of the song and the dancey marching beat, makes me wanna cheer!”

“Hey Camburn, this #### is ultrasuperduper freshness in a can! This is obviously about an ex that ###### ##### huh? #### that lame ass #####, that #### must've felt good to publicly slander such a ####### huh?”

“Really lovin the smooth and harmonic vocals! Great song and alternative rock feel.”

“LOLZ! You said that they suck worse than a hoover, damn a real ####### eh?”

“damn this track is pretty good. it got that good hip hop feel that the industry is missing right now, keep it up!”

VOS regarding the song "Don't You Wanna Know" - Stereofame

“damn the flow is golden, you got a great voice n feel for it. was this you singin? if so wat a great singin voice.”

Second City Sinner regarding the song "My Love" - Stereofame

“You have great messages with wonderful lyricism and a very pleasant singing voice. I am happy to have found you here. Please keep bringing this kind of quality to the table.”

“Autotune sucks! But this tune is the ####! I Love it! ”

“This song is such an excellent 90's style alternative-rock hip hop mix, very reminiscent of "One Week" by the Barenaked Ladies. Very rebellious tune as well, GREAT WORK!”

ProDesign regarding the song "It's all a lie" - Stereofame

“Oh, I love this. You keep it real - that being the point, of course. Not too many are willing to say this, I'm in love with your lyrics. You speak against the trend to do your own thing, and your music shows. :D Your sound is a great example of REAL MUSIC.”

“Hip hop is in bad shape but that is why we have you to help make thing right.”


“You deliver a stella performance. It's always interesting to see what you do. I don't know if a rap is coming or singing lol. But it's always good !”

“hat flow was soo god damned tight. good work”

“I really liked this song, it had a very Linkin Park feel to it, was really good. ”

“The way that it addresses the issues that artists deal with is so real. But then again I am sure that all artists encounter haterz! ”

“You're hot and this is hot! What a catchy song. Don't know what genre it is but it crosses several. Bluesy/ metal/rap if that is possible. Fantastic collab with Copperhead and Robert!!!”

“Dat ish iz da hot fiya gurl! Keep on doin yo thang b! Keep speakin da truff! Beatz iz hot, wordz iz deep, yo ish iz da ish! ROFLMFAO! You gonna go all da way gurl!”

“Yah Diva Dust, Old school is where its at! Like the beat, cool rappin to... stop by again anytime . success to you always its only up to you in the end. Peace out...”

“Do ur thang, love BSsing, do tha thang, keep em comin' ”

“YOU are magnificent. Love the messages and insight you bring to your music. Enjoying my time here in your universe. peace, Joy”

““ i love it! we need more bad ### ladies like you on the scene! looking 4wrd to hearing more! ””

mskrazydebz - Jango Airplay

““ You are great musician from Amerika. We love your music here. It is very good comparable to the music we here coming from your country. You are great. ””

hayzed_kashbul - Jango Airplay

““ Queenz REPRESENTIN! Rideaway is boom shizzle fo rizzle 2! Gunna lissen 2 sumore o dem shizzles! Hubby say ya gud 2! (En he don't like rap) ””

Jin Ayami - Jango Airplay

““ old skool rap.aaahhhhhh ””

“Camburn sizzles up the charts to number 3 locally on Reverbnation!”

"Gangsta Superman" ranked #23 best Underground hip hop song of all times!

U.K. Underground hip hop

"One of the tightest rap songs on this site! The beat flows really well and the chorus is catchy! I can see this song doing very well in the hip hop music market! This song was put together very well!"

“Camburn hits top 100 on Stereofame”

“Camburn's "Diva Dust" makes it to number 3 on the NYCMuzik.com charts for the week ending 2/14/2010”

"I'm not much of a rap fan, but this girl has got it goin' on! I really liked her whole CD. She puts a LOT of heart & soul into every song from past experiences and makes it come off as some pretty cool stuff! Try it!"