Blue Jeans & Khaki Pants / Press

"It's hard to tell where the joke ends and reality begins with BJKP, and it's equally difficult to know whether to laugh or be appalled by its antics."

“These guy are the most amazing shit America has ever sent!”

mexico monthly

“HOLY SHIT!! Have you seen their Wikipedia page?! ”

Paul Goodrich - Dirty Trucker Monthly Zine

"Supremely entertaining live show with tunes about the rebel flag, truck stop hookers, and trailer park livin...I just cant wait to see the puppet show that goes along with it!"

Billy Ray O'Cyrus - Mountain Man XXXpress

"Their x-rated songs are SURE to make you sing along!"

Samuel Smith - Portland Community Zine

"One of the most outlandishly lewd and crude country albums I have ever heard"

Herschel Walters - Cuntry Time Heroes

"Smokin' and drinkin' fun time music"

Miho Hung - SHOXX