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"Sometimes from the most stressful situations comes gems of wisdom and emotion. Auriemmas track 'I wrote this song for you' sums up a mans inner most feelings after the break down of a relationship when sometimes only writing it down can help A cracking track from an artist ill be looking forward to hearing much more from in the future"

“Auriemma music is one of a kind.There hasn't been a singer/songwriter of this caliber in quite some time.”

“Richie's tunes possess that off the cuff urgency--you feel as if you're being allowed access to something intimate and personal...it makes for a truly compelling listen!”

“This is a very valuable place with very valuable tunes all over it! I think anyone out there who visits here should stand up and take notice…Right Now! Auriemma”

“This man is SYNONYMOUS! with Indie music!! ...not only is he EXTREMELY talented! ...his support and input are invaluable!! ...Quite simply!! ..RICHIE IS A FACTOR IN THE HIGHEST ORDER!!”

"A musician, who possesses the rare ability to truly capture emotion...in his songs. An indie inspiration. Thanks for all your support of indie music!"

“Richie Auriemma is a dominant force in the online independent music community, with thousands of fans, a constant stream of new material and what seems like a permanent spot at #1 on Reverbnation's rock charts for Bellingham, WA. Richie's songs are carefully crafted, but also raw; allowing that human element to flow through every second of his music. But the music is only half of the story of Auriemma's success. Richie's dynamic personality, endless enthusiasm and love of new music, have helped him become a bona fide web of connectivity within the world of independent music. From personal messages to mass-emails, Richie tirelessly helps hundreds of independent artists reach thousands of hungry music fans all over the globe. Richie perfectly embodies the spirit of the "indie" movement, which he is so proud to be a part of!”

"Tea" is one of the best songs I've heard in years. Catchy, soothing, intelligent, great voice and instrumentation. Love this very much. Thanks for making the mp3 downloadable.

str8 sounds - Reverb Artist

“I sense a brilliance in your work/songs. I like the modern vibe and "Weak" is brilliant. Well written. Bless you and in fact all your songs are brilliant.”

Weak Review - Song Reviewer-Reverb Nation

“Back from down under and MAN! What an original amazing sound. That first song is just SUPER COOL. WOW!!!!!!!”

Wayne Sanelli - Musician

"Lead vocals are the first thing that most listeners pay attention to, so a great performance is essential. Your lead vocals really grabbed us. We don't tag a lot of releases as having great lead vocals, so this is an excellent strength for you to have." HelloMusic.Com Staff

"Richie your songs are fantastic-ROCK ON"

James Kottak (Scorpions Drummer & buddy) - Scorpions Drummer

“Richie Auriemma will take your ears on a folk & roots musical tour from my home state (Washington, in the Great Northwest) that will make your heart cry & sing in equal degrees, particularly on tunes like (one of my faves), "Blue Eyes Cryin". When I first moved to Olympia in the late '70's, the town was (& to some degree it still is) a Mecca for long-haired hippie types that sang music much like this, often fueled by tons of espresso & other stimulants. So listening to Richie's vocals & lyrics takes me back to much friendlier times; times full of energy & light, as well as "message". My favorite track for that kind of nostalgia, actually, is "Okay (So Stoned)"... Stratocaster effects, with his vocal somewhat submerged, like if you were in a submarine, you know, will give you that good ol' "contact high" you've been lookin' for ever since the early '90's, when "PC" took over the world & chased all those great street musicians off the street corners”

“Hey, like the songs alot! Vocally you remind me of Dinosaur Jr. Its a big compliment in my opinion. Especially the song Enough! I like the violin in Patrick also. It gives it a bohemian feel which I kinda like”

KMCG-Reverbnation artist - Castlebar,IE

"....right on big man, your voice is killer..."

Jerry Cantrell - Alice in Chains