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Maniax Unltd... / Bio

ABOUT ManiaxUnltd - DipsomaniacTV
ManiaxUnltd.. Was originally A concept Thought up by Independent Producer ”Justinsane.”

To Fully Appreciate the Idea you First need to know A Few things About Justinsane & ManiaxUnltd.
When the Name “ManiaxUnltd” was Spawned it was Mid 90’s Rap Era.
Imagine being A White Rapper in A Small City Dominated by Country Music Back in the EARLY 1990’s… Before Battle Rap was Big, Before the 8 Mile Movie & Eminem, Before the Radio took Interest in Hip Hop Music, Before the Internet was Mainstream, Before mp3’s and even Before CD’s. When Rap City was Still Good.When Rap Artists & The Hip Hop Community were Pre-Dominantly African American & Racial Terms (Like the “N” Bomb) were WIDELY Used in Rap Music.
Thus facing constant Racial Barriers Justinsane was Repeatedly Told numerous times by Peers in the Community that “White (Caucasian) People” Don’t, Can’t & SHOULD NOT TRY TO RAP. Combine that with the Fact that Justin’s Family and Friends were Mainly “Rap Haters” (Which was VERY common among Fans of Pop Culture in the 90’s) & you have Justinsane vs. The World.
Refusing to Conform & Being A True Poet; Yet Stuck in A “Whiteboy/Vanilla Ice” Stereotype Justinsane Decided to use his imagination & be Creative. As small as the Handful of People who could Relate to Justin’s Music; Or lived the Same Lifestyle.. He knew they were out there. So he shouted them out..
"Where’s all the Whiteboys in the Building?" Hell No.
"Shout outs to all my Honkies!" Oh HELLL No.
"I roll with A crew of Rednecks?" STFU!!
Say “Black Power!” or “Gay Pride!” or “Rights for Women!”.. Shit ya that sounds good i’ll support! Now Change any of those Phrases to “White” as the Minority… Then turn around & RUN. Because someone heard you and you’re getting A Beat Down.
Enough Jokes.
The Point is Justinsane needed A Term to Address his Friends, Family or Followers & he couldn’t use what was being done already so… “Maniax” it was.
"Shout outs to all my Maniax!!!"
"Down with the Maniax!"
"Maniax in the Party!!"
Phrases like these (Which Generally could include anyone of Different Race or Sex) became Frequently used among Justinsane & his Friends, Who Quickly took to it & began using it in Everyday Life.
Back then Justinsane was working with Stikkmann trying to better himself at Producing Hip Hop Music and Learning from his (Justinsane’s) Mentor (Stikk). After one day in ‘94 or ‘95 upon completing A Recording of A Freestyle Titled “Maniac” it suddenly came to him. His Crew was “Maniax”. That’s it, That’s all & it Stuck. Once Justinsane Presented the Idea to Stikkman, He also Agreed that the Concept was A Jewel & The Two then formed A Duo or Rap Group and so titled themselves "Maniax Unltd.."The idea was Maniax Unltd.. because they could Grow or Reduce their Band, Crew Members ,Music Genre, Types of Media, etc.. Whenever they felt like it under the Pretense that it’s Unlimited as long as Maniax are behind it.
The two of them learned & worked on Audio Recording together for years, Performed some Live Shows at Small Venues & became somewhat of an Internet legend through tools like “Napster”. Stikkman & Justinsane (ManiaxUnltd) Never really “Split up” as A Team or Group, They simply moved apart over time but always maintained contact. Years later they both still Write & Produce Hip Hop in their own Respective Personal Studio’s and are currently talking “Collabs” though nothing is official.
StikkMann who is still yet to Drop A Personal Demo or make A “Public Media Release” of any kind; With the exception of A few Mixtape Appearances remains “Tight Lipped” about anything Music or Media related.
Justinsane who is Virtually “Open to the Public” about his whole life has done the Complete Opposite. Instead of Collapsing ManiaxUnltd as A Rap Group he has Expanded & Evolved it into A Website & Independent Media Network. After remaining A Solo Act for quite some time Justinsane teamed up with his Cousin “Dispicable Desmond Dexter” and his Best Friend “Android” and began teaching them how to Record and Produce as StikkMann had for him (Justinsane). With the Trio at work on A new Hip Hop Group called DrunkNPublic (d.N.p) they discovered Calgary had Talent. The Drunk (dNp) Trio then made A Conscious agreement that Networking & Recruiting the Best Talent was “Key Teaming up with as many as 15 -20 or more Calgary Rappers, Musicians & Producers Such as Buddy Sweets, King Don Juan (Renamed Juancho), Josh Samuel, Ovabyte (Jason D. Anderson), Cripl (Justin Zak) Dj Jimi Riggz etc.. They started Recording Tracks and began Mixing the Dipsomaniac Mixtape Series.
UNFINISHED - 2 Be Cont.Unltd..

Written By Justinsane
Edited by Jay Reps

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Maniax Unltd...
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