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Technic / Bio

Technic is not your average hip-hop artist. Not only does he create intelligent, diverse, thoughtful, music, but he is also a teacher, author, and mentor. Even before originally founding Animated Backdrops in 2005, Tech had been recording with DNI Records and NAP productions, putting out a product that was different from the mainstream while still maintaing a radio friendly vibe. He does things his way, not conforming to what is expected, unapologetically expressing his thoughts and beliefs.

A South Jersey native, Tech has lived up and down the east coast. From FL, to CT and now making his home in NC, Tech has experienced many different lifestyles and musical cultures. He was introduced to hip-hop in the early 80’s but was also heavily influenced by a mix of Funk, Rock, R&B, Soul and Jazz as well. His musical tastes include the aforementioned but also includes Blues, Gospel, Reggae, and even a little Bluegrass. His diverse taste in music and influence from an eclectic group of musician friends combine to help shape his ever changing sound.

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Technic - Vocals
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Hip Hop / Christian Hip Hop / Holy Hip Hop

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Raleigh, NC