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King David / Bio

King began practicing piano daily for hours on end. He listened to his favorite songs on the radio and played them over and over until he got them right.<br /><br />"In those days, we had cassettes so you had to record with the speaker in front of a cassette recorder".<br /><br />King Played on the streets of Manhattan for money during High School with a group of friends affectionately called the ZOOM BOYS. They made over 5 hundred dollars in several hours playing Christmas Carols on the street. I remember playing until a cop came and said we had to move. "They always said it with a smile so I knew we were not in any trouble" said King.<br /><br />Music has always resonated with King as truth and the driving force behind all action. Think about it..Music makes you chase a girl, find a job, lose weight, fall in love, curse someone out. It is our catalyst. Even before army's go to war they sound the trumpets. Music moves people into action.<br /><br />King began recording in his first home recording studio in the mid 80s. He had a four track recorder, a drum machine and of course his piano. It's amazing how not much has changed. It's just all on computer now.<br /><br />"Back then you learned how to track, mix and produce music. We used midi in a different way than today. Midi = Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Midi was used to change parameters on effects at certain places in a song. So you could have a reverb come in on one note of a vocal line. You had to program that via MIDI. All of the plugins that they have today were outboard modules that were expensive and all needed electricity.&nbsp;</p><p>Music Producers seemed to you really listen critically (At least the good ones). King's experience with recording made the process of using software an easy transition because I understood recording at its basic level BEFORE using any of the software. This is what I try to teach to my students" says King.<br /><br />So fast forward a few years to 1989 and King is in the Marine Corps as a Marine Corp Musician. He is in his 3rd year of composition, music theory and performance at the Armed Forces School of Music in Little Creek Virginia. King graduates second in his class and spends the next 3 years traveling, performing, writing, arranging and directing a 30 piece band. King also, trainined like any other Marine and was an expert rifleman.<br /><br />King opened for Gregory Hines,Stephanie Mills, BB King, Teddy Riley, Audrey Wheeler and many other musical greats.<br /><br />King began his first production company in 1992 called D'Vine Productions. He produced a 3 girl group that opened for Teddy Riley's group Wrex n Effect (remember All I wanna do is Zooma Zoom Zoom Zoom) Rump Shaker.<br /><br />King also sang A Capella in Bermuda, Canton OH and Bridgeport CT in front of 10,000 plus crowds. "It was my job to sing lead on Boyz II Men's Hard to Say Goodbye" says King <br /><br />After King's tour in the Marine Corps, he went back to Mount Vernon New York and rented a small office where he and his Marine Corp Buddy, Arthur "Tiny Holloway slept on the floor, ate whiting and fries plus a Snapple while working on new material to get a record deal. After 3 months and taking cold showers in the office with no heat they landed a deal with Motown. Tiny signed with Brik Citi. King went on to sign with Pallas records to write a song called "Running Away' for Flyrt.<br /><br />Since then, King has had numerous deals and worked with many artists.<br /><br />King's focus now is on guiding the artists of the future while sharing music with the world that makes people DO SOMETHING. Do something for others, themselves, and hopefully their world.<br /><br />King still performs, writes, produces, arranges and teaches daily.

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King David
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R&B/Soul / Hip Hop / Alternative Rock

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Marietta, GA