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Stallion four / Bio

STALLION FOUR, a five piece Hard rock/ Classic rock band from Uppsala/ Sweden.
Formed back in 2008, and got signed by Pure steel records(Germany) in 2011.
A vinyl 7" single "Devil in me" was released on S.M.P records in 2009.
The debut album "Rough times" was released worldwide in August 2012.
At the moment the band is writing new material for the second album and plan to enter the studio in late 2013.
This is just the beginning, stay tuned, there´s more to come....


Bjorn Fors has elements of old Brian Johnson in some of his higher sustained screams- especially noticeable for “Hidden Killer” and “Rough Times”- but I do think a lot of his phrasing and punch is more metalized than conventional, bluesy hard rock singers tend to be. The quick hitting licks and solos from Peter Druck and Markus Berg make them a formidable pair of axe wielders, evoking elements of Slash, the Young brothers and even German power teams on favorites like “Madness” and “Sister Mean”. And you can’t complain about the sound, as Stallion Four do not rely on studio wizardry but the straight sonic tones from their instruments and amplifiers to produce high energy rock ‘n roll - Matt Coe/ Eternal terror magazine

Nice, nice, nice! Sweden’s STALLION FOUR unleash their first album and with bands and discs like this there’s nothing to fear for the everlasting domination of hardhittin’ Heavy Rock/Metal, whose originality and pure master helped the genre in quite a few times when trends were coming and going trying to disorientate the fans. “Rough Times” sounds like such a soundtrack; we will win!
Party ‘till you drop and that’s the end of the story. Such a small amount of text for a relatively big piece of music. “Rough Times” is to be played loud in your local Rock club or in your car stereo while hanging out with your pals. Nothing less, indeed. I gotta catch these guys live at some time in the future. They must normally kick huge ass - Grigoris Chronis/ Metal-kaoz Magazine

File 'Rough Times' in the section marked 'Old School Ass-Kickin' Rock 'n' Fuckin' Roll' - these five guys from Sweden have created an album that was forged in another decade yet is made for the here and now: fist-pumping anthems that will make the depressingly dark days seem brighter and more fun-filled. This is an album to be enjoyed, not dissected. The 'Rough Times' just got a whole lot better - Gaz E/ Uber rock

Stallion Four, don’t belong to the glam/sleaze camp as many of their fellow countrymen – they serve the evil powers of rock n roll – the ones that AC/DC, Motorhead, Rose Tattoo, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ted Nugent and so many others served for years and years. Their sound borrows influences from all above mentioned evil acts and deliver a merciless atmosphere through their neck breaking riffage, their breathtaking guitar solos and the non-stopping growling vocals.

‘Rough Times’ will give you a rough time. This isn’t the album you are gonna relax and enjoy. This one demands your full attention, your participation. So, either jump in your car – pump up the volume and drive fast or grab some shitloads of booze and annoy your neighbors. Either way listen loudly! - manoc/ Crows n´ bones Magazine

Stallion Four are the next Swedish crue to emerge from their fast burgeoning sleaze scene – and what a kick ass rock n roll outfit they are! Taking inspiration from all the classic bands ranging from GnR to Rose Tattoo to AC/DC, they work their own catchy melodies and grooves to produce some addictive songs like ‘Sister Mean’, ‘Heart Of Rage’ and ‘Running Too Hot’ – and being Swedes there’s heaps of power in there too so yeah, these guys are on fire LOL! Vocalist Bjorn has one of those raw screeching voices reminiscent of Brian Johnson or more so Marc Storace of Krokus, while the rest of the band confidently deliver the goods from howling guitars to thumping drums that all in all could blow the roof off – be it club or stadium! - Shan/ Battlehelm Magazine

Have you desired something like AC/DC, or maybe a pint of TWISTED SISTER or a shard of W.A.S.P. or a smack of Y&T? You got it all hear and it will worth your time several times many.
The main riffing is a thing of the past plus another layer of heaviness that turned things around into something more exciting and somewhat fresh.
I think that the main facet that has been leading STALLION FOUR throughout this release was accessibility while trying to limit the obvious somehow. Their material is catchy, sinuous and develops into a fine entity from the past (both 70s and 80s) - Lior "Steinmetal" Stein/ Metal-temple Magazine

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Band Members
Björn - Vocals, Peter - Guitar, Markus - Guitar, Gustav - Bass, Mattias - Drums
Artist Name
Stallion four
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Metal / Hard rock / Classic rock

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Uppsala, SE