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3hrinE / Bio

3hrinE is the seventh "music project" developed and facilitated by the incarnational presence with the given and used name--"Tony Mikkelson" (once, supposedly, "known", if not remembered, for the underground metal "one man band"--Terminal Descent), beginning in late 2011. Other short lived musical "misadventures" were--in successive (without being "successful") order: Crown the Clone, PyroMorphiA, Trolling For Cadavers, Inthlhxmneh teh Atzlxiku, and Sovereign Vow. 3hrinE has now become the main creative vehicle for said "Mr. Mikkelson" (with the longest involvement since TD), radiating a seemingly far more "balanced" and "fully musical and conceptual direction" (akin to the aforementioned "TD"--but with a more refined approach, albeit, a darkly vibrant undercurrent of subtle nuances and colorful richness--though, still, mostly "atypical", "non-cliche", and mildly "obscure/quirky") than any of the predecessors (and there's still a primary inability to play a "proper solo", for the most part--if that's "important"?). This project (like all the others), most likely, won't appeal to a broad spectrum of potential listeners, since most people drift into "comfort zones" (in the "Metal realms", there's a lot of boring and way overdone "gloom and doom" gravitation and monotonous grinding of gears towards "lifeless" tedium--as redundant as that sentence implies..."death sentence/prison planet" hyper-vigilance and/or "occult knowledge" uttered/represented but without any "true" understanding/application, thereof, to elevate the spiritual nature overall), even when they claim they want something "different". However, it was decided to post the albums for the random few that might happen upon them and actually "resonate" with them in some way.

3hrinE could be described "via negativa", mostly (in terms of "thrashy" but not Thrash, "progressive" but not Progressive, "powerful" but not "Power", "deadly"--at times--but not "Death"..."doomy" but not "Doom", etc.--drawing from many styles/sub-genres/elements without fitting into any particular category...a "bridging synthesis" of sorts) and might have a "Meditation Metal/Zen Metal/Transcendental Metal" type of flow/vibe? It's primary focus is "abstract moods and inner journeys"...a "complex simplicity" not a "simple complexity".

The first 3hrinE album--"Adorned Without Ceremony" is all instrumental (there was a sense of "not having anything verbal to say", at the time of its manifestation--then, later realization occurred that it represents "awakening/enlightenment", which is beyond words...and the "sublime beauty" is represented without "exaltation" because it returns one to the state of the "extraordinarily ordinary"). The follow up release--"Grace Within Ignorance" (look at that title "closely" and you'll see the word "grace" is literally spelled out in the word "ignorance") marks a return to lyrics and vocals (with the first full on attempt at some "clean vocals" taking an "up in front" role, here and there--adding an element of "artistic vulnerability". ). "At Peace With War" (notice the "without, within, with" triune of the first three releases?) was actually a demo that was recorded in 2010 under the moniker--Sovereign Vow--but was decided to master and release it via 3hrinE. This title seems to be more "dark, chaotic, and fierce" than the first two. "Wrath of the Innocent" became the fourth 3hrinE title and "features" new renditions of a few Terminal Descent songs ("Merits of Betrayal"--which was previously called "Bring on the Beast", "Quelling the Beleaguered"--which was originally called "Reliance and Servility", "Empire of Dystopian Fortitude" has riffs taken from "Chaos in the Sanctuary", "Evil I" is still "Evil I", "Wrath of the Innocent"--was previously called "Slaughtering the Astrakhan", and "Time: Matter's Knot"--who's title stayed the same but music slightly changed, keeping the original vibe while expanding it). The lyrics for "Merits of Betrayal", "Quelling the Beleaguered", "Empire of Dystopian Fortitude", and "Wrath of the Innocent" are completely different than the previous "versions". There's also a more straight forward and "heavier" reworking of "Eyes of Aeons"--which was a PyroMorphiA track.

The fifth title has seemed to have surfaced--but no commitment will be conveyed at this juncture.

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Tony Mikkelson
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Metal / Post-Alternative / Progressive-Thrash

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Forest City, IA

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