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Funk Under Cover - Knoxville / Bio

The band formed in 2011 in order to perform at the annual "Doc Rock" benefit concert in Knoxville, TN (3 of the members are practicing physicians). They did the first show under the "Risky Business" moniker, but decided to continue beyond what was initially planned as a "one off" performance and changed their name to "Full Tilt". A line-up change in 2012 prompted another name change to "Funk Under Cover" and a focus on Funk and R&B music.

Sean Grace was born a poor black child in the back-woods of Louisiana. He began to lose melanin after listening to too much Pat Boone and Vanilla Ice. Sean is now an accomplished orthopedic surgeon and he ensures a steady flow of patients through his training in mixed martial arts. Musically, Sean decided to get back to his roots and now belts out R&B and Funk with the soul engrained in his DNA.

Dana spent a summer mowing lawns in order to obtain his first guitar. One day he noticed a shiny new Stratocaster sitting in the living room of one of his clients. As soon as they left the house Dana used his lock-picking skills to gain entrance and obtain his prize. After his release from juvenile detention he decided to get serious about his new hobby: he spent countless hour watching MTV and learning to emulate the rock star poses of his hero C.C. DeVille. When Dana is not playing guitar for "Funk Under Cover", he works at Oak Ridge on a super secret project that is so classified that even he does not know what he is doing.

Jake got his start playing piano with "Mary Had a Little Lamb" at age 5. Recognizing his blossoming talent, his mother enrolled him in classical piano lessons 3 years later. Over the next several years he played numerous small venues including Grandma's house and Auntie Isabel's just to name a few. His first big break was playing his friend Amy's wedding in high school. Shortly thereafter he joined his uncle Jimmy's band, "Doc Rock", in Gainesville, GA at age 17. After a hiatus of nearly 10 years he rejoined the music world when he joined "Crazy Yates" and began playing alongside guitar virtuoso Yates Brown (of "The Lemon" fame). In 2009 he replaced keyboard legend Chuck Williams in "Risky Business" and picked-up the harmonica for the first time. This project ultimately evolved into "Funk Under Cover". It's been downhill ever since, but as an anesthesiologist he has access to really good drugs.

Mike was born in Carrollton, Ga. He started playing drums in grade school but switched to bass guitar during high school because he figured bass players would "get more chicks". While this did not prove to be the case, he immensely enjoyed his new instrument and spent the next 12 years aggressively pursuing a career as a "Rock Star". At that time the industry was based out of Los Angeles, but Mike stubbornly stuck to his principals and was convinced that he would be discovered in his Southeastern outpost. Alas, that was not to be and he had to acknowledge that he was an abysmal failure as a "Rock Star". Therefore, he moved-on to his alternate career track and went to medical school. During residency training he got the music "itch" again (at least that's what he THINKS was causing the itch) and he began writing/recording songs. After moving to Knoxville, he met the other members of "Funk Under Cover" and is happy to be playing "live" again.

Bill Lee was born in Mansfield, OH. His interest in drums began at the age of 12. He enjoyed air drumming to the videos on MTV and tried to mimic what they were doing. However, his professional years as an air drummer came to a sudden halt when his parents bought him his first drum set...this changed everything! After taking lessons for a year and playing in several garage bands Bill decided it was time to get serious. His first professional gig was with a band called "Elmo". Their music was a mixture of soul and hard rock. The band was well known in the area and provided Bill with a lot of invaluable experience. Since then Bill has had the pleasure of performing and recording with such bands as "The Eric Taylor Band", "Soul Medicine", "WAR", "Matrix Mirage", "The Coconut Cowboys", "Eric Spurgeon", "The Chillhowee Hills Worship Band", "Full Tilt", and more.

Ed is a favorite of all the female fans of "Funk Under Cover". The rumor is that it is because of his extremely long... last name. Ed was not always a musician: he spent several years playing professional baseball where he was famed for his ability to "lay down the wood" and his preference for the bush leagues. Appropriately enough, Ed now works at Johnson & Johnson where he spends most of his time explaining how to pronounce his name.

Go to: funkundercover.com for booking information.

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Sean Grace - Vocals, Dana Cresci - Guitar, Jake Saunders - Keyboard, Mike Flowers - Bass, Bill Lee - Drums, Ed Couvertiere - Percussion
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Funk Under Cover - Knoxville
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Funk / R&B

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Knoxville, TN

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