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SoBer_Soldiers / Bio

FIRST of all I have/Battle 100% "Diabetic Periperal Neuropathy".NOBODY Has Ever Beaten This Illness.It is a Terminal illness with no cure.They feel i have had Diabetes at least 35 years & i wasnt diagnosed correctly till 6 years ago. I feel i was Born with it.Please,No Sympathy,Encouragement support,Prayers Good Positive Karma Thoughts only. I "TC" say "Why Cant I be the First one to beat it? I "TC" or Tom grew up 30 Mins from NYC. Jerry grew Up in Cleveland.Walter grew up in a Gang infested Town in No California. David grew up in Chicago. We are A "Sober" (At least 19 years of Sobriety each).A Self Taught Band.That all Met Each other.While "Serving" IN THE GREAT US ARMY.35 Years ago in Germany. We have Done Well over 20 years, Of charity Worldwide.We Love Helping People.Our BIGGEST #1 HERO Is.Our Former First SGT Patrick Eugene Martin (RIP)Or "TOP". As You call Your First Sgt in The Army."TOP" Did 3 Tours Of "The Nam" with 5th Special Forces, He was shot a few times & Soldiered on. Do You Folks Back in the 60's & early 70's. Remember how you booed "Nam Vets" AT The airport?We were Trained by Tons of The "Nam VETS".Do You Think They wanted to Go? Do u think these Men wanted to "Bungle in the Jungle"? Then Come Home To THAT? A War They Did NOT Let them TRUELY Fight & Finish? We did not Lose that War.That is BS.We know the REAL Story what Happened over there.There was a Mandatory Draft Back then too.It was not "Great & Cool" to be in the service then,like it is now. Or WHEN WE SERVED.Patrick Was Decorated with Just About every Medal You can get. He Came To our First "Gig".He told us "You Guys are great. When you Sober up,I know you will one day.Work on Yourselves,Go play Charities around the World. Let them know How Much Love & Care You have in Your Hearts. For this Country & Helping Others.Money Is NOT Important.I am Very proud To be Your First SGT".He also had a MASTERS Degree In History & English and read $200.USD of Books Each Month.The Most, Intelligent,Funny, True Class Act,Father,Husband,Grand Father, Friend First Sgt,Man i ever met a "Soldier's Soldier".Patrick Passed & his Beautiful Wife both passed away about 5 years ago. I knew Patrick & his wife "Cookie"(RIP) & Daughter "Jolie". Plus (our 3 Dog Kids "Buttons" "Chico" & "Peaches") Real Well.I lived With them for a Year, AFTER I got out Of the Army. I Then went Back Into the Service In the Us Navy. I wanted To Re Enlist in the Army. But i would Have had to waited too long. We Have Remained Anonymous For Sobriety Reasons.Because of the "STIGMA" & The FAKE, SICK,Liar,Ignorant,(Believing The wrong People), Back stabbers.Ask All those Wonderful People we Made Smile,Clap & Dance Alot of them in Wheelchairs. How Much We Loved Doing it For them.We Know Today Whom are REAL Family & True friends are.Alot of times Blood is NOT your REAL FAMILY!Those Of you That Ignored us,Back stabbed us, Told Lies,Stole $$$ From our Charities,Treated Us Cruelly.U will Get Yours..JOHN LENNON SANG ABOUT IN 1968."INSTANT KARMA IT WILL GET U".GOD BLESS STAY TUNED. "TC" or Tom on Bass, Lead Vocals, We all Sing & play Some Keyboards. We Mix n Match, According to the Song.Jerry On Lead Guitar And Lots of Others, Walter on Drums Vocals etc, David,Piano & too many Instruments to name. Lia & Daphne On Back up Vocals & Thaddeus on Horns etc . We are a VERY Proud Inter Racial Band. Whites ,Black, Latino & Asian. Is that ok? Lol,Enjoy If we make You Smile Then we are Happy.

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Band Members
Tom Castner Lead Vocals Bass guitar electric Piano.Jerry J Lead guitar ,David Poris Keyboards guitars etc, Walter Simms ,Drums , Lia Simms Vocals, Thaddeus horn
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Rock / Classic Rock, Ribbon & Blues ,Originals All Th

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Fremont, CA

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