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DAN X / Bio

My name is Dan x , real names, daniel benjamin. I am from uyo State , Am a student and an artist,graphics and web designer. I was raised in Lagos state, and spent most of my childhood in Lagos, growing up wasn't easy, being the only son of my mum without a dad, My childhood is pretty much the frame for the picture you see right now which defines Dan x.

Please tell our readers the meaning of Dan x and how the name came into existence ?

Dan x, the name came to live while i was in surulere, music was an addiction, rap music to be precise. Back then we hardly listened to our local music, we only had a few musical icons from africa. So i listened to alot of foreign music and would rap everything i heard em i even write out lyrics of some of the song i heard, then i came up with an idea of writing my own lyrics by being creative kind off, i had friend called bayojackson he was a good rapper..

so one day came to my house with one instrumental like that, start free styling on the instrumental i was like don't want to be left out so i join him so i tried some of my written raps, and he was like damn dan u killed it and i was 'did i?' he said 'yes' so we agreed to work on that beat, so we were like suggesting crazy names for my self like dan -b, benite, ben-16,lol, so my friend was like guy u just need to think of one xlusive name u want to use, and i was like, xlusive? dan the xlusive, lol... and my friend like guy that's a nice but why just make it short for people to call , that's when i came up with dan x.

Who or What inspired you to going into rap and when did you realize you could rap?

hmmm k.....

Music has been a part of me since i was young, and i mean young, like 8yrs old young, so i kept doing that till i realised music wasn't just about the sounds , there was actually a message in every single one of the songs i listened to, when i realized that, it was a whole new world for me , then i joined the teenage choir in my church, i was the youngest guy in the choir then, also learnt how to drum.

The drums actually inspired the rapping. While playing in school i was a junior so i wasnt the first choice drummer in my school and i wasn't playing the particular drum i was interested in playing because i wasn’t good at it, until i became gud at it, while i was doing that the fun was wearing out after a couple of months so i decide to sing along while drumming.As at that time, hip-hop was like the deal, we had , mase, naughty by nature,50 cent , Eminem and lots of them, So i pick a song..

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