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Lyndon / Bio

Lyndon is a multi-talented musical artist that is no stranger to the industry. His music is an inspirational mix of nostalgia from his childhood, with his own creativity developed through many years of hard work and dedication. ​

When listening to Lyndon, you get a feel of his soul as he talks about love, God, and issues within our community. His training began when he was selected to perform solo, before many audiences, in middle and high school. Lyndon attended Morehouse College, and was a member of the world renowned Morehouse Glee Club. Branching out, Lyndon began writing and producing his own music, and primarily focusing on Gospel music. Although Lyndon enjoyed Gospel, he felt his message was too strong to be confined within the walls of the church. His purpose is not only to reach those who sit in the pews, but everyone who needs to hear a message that uplifts, encourages, and inspires us all to achieve and obtain that which is greater. Lyndon is a global artist with a global message that will reach all people with a desire to hear good music.​

Lyndon is a singer, writer, producer and piano artist. He does it all. Everything you hear on this album is a direct extension of Lyndon’s own experiences, creativity and purpose. Looking For Love is his first single, which is a dance track that explores the love we are all looking for. His inspiration for the song came out of his desire to get closer to God, but what he created was a song that expresses the essence of love in everyone. “The closest love on earth to God is the unconditional love we give to each other,” says Lyndon. “I want people to enjoy heartfelt, pure music--and this is what Looking For Love is.” The catchy tune and the pounding beat are sure to become an instant hit.​

You are sure to smile as soon as you hear one note of this song, and you are soon to dance when the beat drops. Lyndon is a careful, crafter of his songs, and pours every passion in his lyrics. So, take the challenge, and listen to Looking for Love. Let it inspire you and move you as it already has for many others.

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