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Barefoot City / Bio

Barefoot City came to fruition in suburban Dallas in September of 2012. The trio consists of international singer superstar Corrie “The Hammer” Mathias, blues singer/guitarist Joshua “Sweet Lips” Smith, and South American dreamboat Simon Correa. Although the trio initially formed in March of 2011 under the pseudonym 4 Way Stop, Corrie’s year-long departure to Israel in 2011 halted the band’s aspirations for global dominance. However, the trio reunited in the fall of 2012 with Corrie’s stateside return, this time under the regal-sounding nom de plume Barefoot city.


Mediocre composer Simon has previously worked with Corrie. They played Jewel covers in random Dallas bars when Corrie was merely 14 years old. Their lack of musical direction was a powerful force for listeners. Although their shared affinity for Jewel’s music brought them together, it is their relentless pursuit of parental approval that keeps them united in the band’s music.

Josh joined the group in the spring of 2011 when he reluctantly accepted Simon’s lukewarm offer to collaborate with him and Corrie. Although Josh met Simon in the 7th grade school band, they were never friends, just enemies. Josh is known around Dallas as a great blues guitarist.

Honorable Mention

1) In 2012 the group wisely agreed to change their name from the lame “4 Way Stop” to something a bit more raw and weird, but trite all the same. The story behind the Barefoot City idea is quite entertaining and uplifting. Due to budget cuts, however, there are not enough gigabytes to include it here.

2) Barefoot City has a fourth member, ocarinist Jake Jeonghyun Woo. He currently resides in Seoul, South Korea. Jake likes beer, spaghetti, and traveling. Jake met Simon in France in 2012 during the irrational yet spiritual Camino De Santiago, an 800km trek to northwestern Spain. During their pilgrimage, Jake and Simon played music together when Simon ran out of Euros. They continue their artistic partnership across the seas with the hopes of one day being in the same country again.


2013 promises to be an ostentatious year for Barefoot City: launch of the new website, the band’s first full-length album (artwork provided by Malgo Zemla), Simon’s courses in remedial math, and performance dates in New York City and Dallas. With Corrie’s short temper, Josh’s nonchalance, and Simon’s expert ability to drive Corrie to Josh’s house to record, the trio is barely yet busily scratching the epidermal surface of their potential. They have the skin rashes to prove it.

General Info

Band Members
Corrie Mathias, Simon Correa, Josh Smith
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Barefoot City
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Singer Songwriter

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New York, NY