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Tha Town / Bio

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, three men with the same musical artistic goal formed a hip hop group in 2011 known as Tha Town. Since 1990, James "Friz-O" Lopez, Alex "Al Knock" Flores and Michael "Miz Dagger" Coren not only been individually rapping locally throughout their early years (school talent shows, open mic) but also are friends from the same Boston neighborhood of Dorchester as well as becoming members of the same independent hip hop production company Trust Kno One Entertainment (TKOE), owned by Jose "MaytrexxMan" Claudio as well as a subsidiary production company owned by WesKeys.

In 2000, Friz-O & Al Knock were artists at TKOE/WK, in the hip hop group "S dot C Riderz". Miz Dagger was a featured artist as well as working production on various artist projects at TKOE/WK. After years of unorganized management, the production company as well as artist and producers parted ways in 2003. Michael “Miz Dagger” Coren and Alex “ Al Knock” Flores ran into each other in early 2011, rekindling their friendship and coming to a mutual decision in giving music one last shot. Making sure the main goal will be not to have history repeat itself. Miz Dagger and Al Knock also came to a mutual decision on a new name for the group. At first, naming the group "The Bean", then "BeanTown" to what was settled on now as "Tha Town".

Late Summer 2011, Miz Dagger and Al Knock recorded their first freestyle track as Tha Town with upcoming local producers and close friends Caliber Beatz & JShellz. The track, as well as the in studio video titled: "World Full of HATERZ", gained local notoriety. After the first project, Miz & Al coincidentally met up with friend and former group member James "Friz-O" Lopez in October of 2011, initially to reconnect but turned into a proposition to discuss the new music venture and how he would be an asset to the team. Friz-O instinctively accepted the position as the final member of Tha Town. With all in agreement, Tha Town hit the studio in November 2011 recording Tha Town's freshman mixtape titled: “Tha Town Mixtape: 3.5” which was released on DatPiff, Dec 2012. During 2012, Tha Town ventured into live performances with Tha Town's first scheduled show in April 2012. Tha Town performed several tracks off their freshman mixtape as well as performing singles "Welcome To Boston, Produced by Caliber Beatz" & "CASH" Produced by WesKey, off Tha Town's up & coming freshman album, winning first place which set off a trend of great follow up performances in 2012 & 2013, receiving notoriety and recognition throughout the Northeast hip hop scene as a hip hop trio with artistic rhyming skills in combination with charismatic, coordinated and energetic live performances. Tha Town was also nominated for Best Rap Group at the 8th Annual New England Urban Music Awards. In June 2013, Tha Town returned to the studio to work on several mixtape projects.

In 2014, Tha Town won the nomination for Best Rap Group at the 9th Annual New England Urban Music Awards. Tha Town will be releasing several mixtapes, one release (Feb 2014 on Datpiff.com) being titled: Its Tha Town B#%*!!!, release Album singles as well as videos to "Welcome To Boston" & "CASH", finish and release the Album late 2014 and many more live energized performances.

“Tha Town’s here to represent not only ourselves BUT FOR THE CITY of BOSTON.”
- Tha Town

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Fred "STOKES" Baccus

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