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Rocinante / Bio

We've been sitting in a room trying to write this bio for about an hour. It's really hard. We keep saying things in funny voices, but you won't read it in the funny voices we are doing, so we can't use the stuff we are saying. Just imagine that the things we are saying are really funny and that you are missing out by not hearing it. Ok, good.

We are a three-piece band from the Seattle area. The band, in it's current lineup, started playing together in 2011. Ryan (bass) and James (guitar) had been playing together since 2010, but their original drummer left at the end of that year. Ryan met Ian, got drunk and a little weepy, and asked him to join the band. James wasn't there but imagines that the entire transaction was a little pathetic (in a nice way). Ian said yes.

We play rock music. We write the songs we play. We all really like each other and have been told that it shows when we are on stage. We're probably going to get some pizza when we get done writing this, which is good because we are all pretty hungry.

Ryan gave us all these nicknames (yeah, even himself). I'm just gonna throw them out there:

Ryan is "The Juice"
Ian is "The Drive"
James is "The Feel" (James thinks that this makes him sound a little grope-y. He wants to assure you that he is not. He cares very much about your personal space bubble.)

Ryan also just said our band was like a bed, and the listener is the person in the bed. We want you to be comfy and enjoy your sleep.

Play our music. Come see us at a show. Ask us questions. Do a dance (but don't be the old drunk guy at the show, pumping your fist out of beat). Let's have fun out there and play a good game.

Nothing but love,

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Ian Asman, James Dillon, Ryan Saggerson
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Seattle, WA