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Brandon Bush Band / Bio

Brandon Bush never really felt like he fit in anywhere growing up. Raised in the independent and sometimes quirky rural community of Ector, Texas, Bush had big dreams of becoming a film director and a writer in California, while most of his peers didn't think of going any further than the county line. He dabbled in music by teaching himself to play guitar in 5th grade (with the help of his preacher) and formed a three-piece punk band called "Hardwater" that played Green Day and Blink 182 covers. It wasn't until he heard Pat Green and Cross Canadian Ragweed that his interests changed from film to singing and songwriting, and his passion began to flourish.

While studying English at the University of North Texas, Bush paid vigorous attention in his creative writing and poetry classes by day, and learned the ropes of live performing at night in Denton's bar scene. He also watched every Reckless Kelly show within a two hour radius. While developing his craft and sound, he became more interested in staying outside the conventions of Nashville style country, and stick to a more free spirited, Americana based sound that could spill over into blues, rock, folk, and bluegrass. This endless combination of elements keeps Bush standing out amongst his peers, once again not completely fitting in. But the twang and sincerity in Bush's voice reflects the independent spirit of Texas Country, and the music echoes the character of America.

Eventually the "Brandon Bush Band" was formed with the similar "equality for every member" attitude of the Randy Rogers Band. Bush used MySpace and Craigslist to contact members of the music community, and over the course of a year and a half, collected the line up of Mike Burgess on bass and harmonica, Shea Henley on drums, and Brad Haefner on lead guitar and mandolin in October of 2008. Each member had a different music background, but the singular goal of creating "interesting" music provided the basis for their offbeat chemistry. Their influences are as diverse as Chris LeDoux and Justin Timberlake. They also have an often offensive sense of humor, which they have a hard time toning down during their live shows. Henley left the band on good terms in 2011 to get more involved with the musical ambitions of his sister, Sayre Henley.

Some of their accolades include two Shiner Rising Star (Dallas area Band competition) nominations, playing shows with Rich O'Toole, Johnny Cooper, Whiskey Myers, Mark McKinney, Sonny Burgess, Big Gus and the Swampadelics, Charla Corn, Max Stalling, Phil Hamilton, Brandon Adams and the Sad Bastards, Zane Williams, and many others.

Thanks to their first effort, "Grabaholt", which included the singles "Mad Dog Mean" and "Wild Child", they have gotten regular rotation on various radio stations across the Southwest, and national attention on XM Sirius Radio, as well as I Heart Radio. They have also performed at major events like the Fort Worth and Houston Stock Show and Rodeos.

Their latest album, "Southern Vernacular" is full out Country Rock experiment with song about learning hard lessons, the dangers and pitfalls of lust, and the struggle to keep a positive attitude in an evermore weary world. Their first single off the album, "Couple Three More Times", is a fun and catchy tune with a unique 1950s rock feel mixed with rootsy instrument arrangements. It's a perfect example of the experimental element of the group, who never settle for typical.

Their live shows are energetic and offer a small bit of escapism to allow their listeners to forget their problems for a couple of hours. Do yourself a favor, and catch them when they come to your town!

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Brandon Bush - Vocals & Guitar, Micheal Burgess - Bass, Shea Henley - Drums, Brad Haefner - Lead Guitar
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Brandon Bush Band
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Denton, TX