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Run By The Gun is a project of epic proportions... No, not really. It's an idea two guys from NYC had one day and worked very hard trying to make it come to fruition. We hope fans of music and comic books like what we're doing.

“Shit, the star of our story in our comic book series is the spirit of rock and roll… The drug use; the hot, crazy, white girls with low self-esteem; the white boy eschewing commonsense, responsibility and the healthy life of loved ones for the Las Vegas odds of actually attaining and living the improbable dream; the unlikely, unpredictability of the Black loner being swept up by the music, the music, the music; all set in the NYC bars and the general zeitgeist-pop culture influence-cult of personality LES nightlife.

The story is the rebellion, the confusion, the hope, the falls, the questioning, the gambling, the sex, and the music, the music, the music…”

Run By The Gun's music will reflect our character's experiences and environment. As Run By The Gun's characters change, learn, and grow, so will their music. We hope fans will get a better understanding of where the music comes from as they follow RBG's narrative in the comic book series.

"... actually we've not yet got a focused style or direction, I'm just bangin out these stinking songs the best way I can... but a more monolithic but thin, classic rock feel is where I'd like to hear things wind up eventually with this crap, with a bit of early nineties sprinkled in there... kind of like the original Smashing Pumpkins playing a Mountain cover, influenced by Mott The Hoople, The Stooges, Bowie and Television... after just experiencing a Husker Du show with their pals The Pixies while touring for a year with Neil Young. In London."

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Jonah Gunn, Peter Palermo, TBD
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Run By The Gun
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Rock / Alternative Rock / Indie Rock

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New York, NY
Rey Gunn

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