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Gabriel Altrows – Guitar and Lead Vocals
Greg McCarthy – Bass and Back-up Vocals
Konstantine Tsafatinos – Drums and Back-up Vocals

With influences ranging from Radiohead’s reflective, melancholic, psychedelic rock, to Muddy Waters' soulful blues, and Tom Waits’ torn compositions - The Lifts create an eclectic, multi-layered and full sound delivered by a three-piece composed of guitars, drums and bass. Stemming from different musical backgrounds, The Lifts decidedly occupy a diverse sonic space, referencing the spirit and soul of the blues, the groove of funk, the landscape of psychedelia, while bearing the weight and power of grunge, grit and raunch of expressive rock. The bass and drums lock down the rhythmic backbone and deep melodic tones, creating a foundation that contains an essential groove and leaves space for their ethereal vocals and psychedelic, playful guitar lines.

Each member contributes their own musical touch through their unique experiences. After finishing a degree in civil engineering, Konstantine moved back to his hometown in Toronto, and it soon became apparent that civil engineering could not satisfy his thirst for creativity and expression. He quickly turned to music - and though initially studying the piano, he quickly shifted to drums through a couple casual jam sessions turned serious after an invite from Gabriel to play. Gabriel, who had originally started as a drummer, had switched to guitar after being blown away at a White Stripes concert. Seeking an added layer and bottom to their sessions, Gabriel asked Greg, who he had met at Art School, to join on the bass. Originally from St. Catherines, Greg's real interest in music began as a child when he was first exposed to rock. He picked up the trombone at a young age and was classically trained for years. Although immersed in classical music, it was only after picking up the bass in High School that he realized his true passion for rock. Even though The Lifts came from different academic and musical backgrounds, they were still drawn together by their creative nature and hunger for music.

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Konstantine Tsafatinos - Drums
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