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Berute and Khanya make up the super duo group “Imbube” pronounced “Im-boo-beh”. The group first broke ground on Young Nations hit single “Syeke Ngey Ndaba” as they were both featured on this invigorating chorus. They went on to feature again alongside Young Nations on the lead single to his album “Zwakala Emzansi”. These two individuals breathe intense and exciting wordplay with the melodic and nostalgic hooks and choruses. Imbube’s Project is both real to their surroundings as it paints pictures of real life as it is in the townships of Soweto .

Production on the album is handled by Hipe, Draztik, and Nyambz. Album Features include: Young Nations, Nicky Shange, Sufidun, HHP, F-Eeezy, Mr Selwyn, El Nino & Zuluboy. The album is Executively Produced by Draztik & Young Nations.

Berute began his love for music early, singing in his community church choir at the age of eleven. As he matured, the spirit for music would be his anchor and often his only hope.

Khanya Manzini’s upbringing was harsh to say the least and for him his music became an outlet for the hardships he would face. When Berute and Khanya met for the first time in 2000, it was the coming together of two powerful stories and two creative minds that would later give birth to the signature Imbube sound.

At the time, Khanya was doing his own music recording under the name “Lips”, a nickname given to him from his full name Liberty . The two decided to form a duo instead, with Berute featuring. The two went on to record some of the township influenced songs Khanya had written like “Stano”, a song dedicated to Khanya’s late cousin. As the momentum started to build, Khanya was incarcerated which led to the temporary separation of the two members in 2003. After Khanya’s release later that year, he returned to Naturena Township and the struggle for a creative platform to express their stories continued. The music that Berute and Khanya began to write during this period took a decidedly hip hop influence, encouraged by Berute ’s growing love for hip hop music. The two realised hip hop gave them the unique creative space they required to properly express their lyrical abilities and convey their interpretations of their life experience.





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