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Ostrich Theory / Bio

The Ostrich Theory is the result of Luke Martin hooking up with bassist Mike Stewart and drummer David Lawson and now current drummer Jarrett Aitkens. Mike and Luke have played together working on some of the material that you will hear in The Ostrich Theory as well as a punk collaboration with front man Chris Partida.

David had played drums for a "death surf" band called the Subphobias. Steve Medeiros introduced Luke and Dave a couple of weeks before Christmas 2011 and they started rocking until David exited the band in early February 2012. Luke and David were also musically involved with Jermaine Starks and Harrison Mace in a band reformation using some of Jermaine's material from his previous band Beyond the Grove.

While the future of these musician's is unclear what is clear is that the new drummer for The Ostrich Theory, Jarrett Aitkens, is a musical force to be reckoned with. When Dave's future with the band came into question Luke reached out to a friend and talented bass player for Sex in Public, Kato McKay. Kato referred Luke to Jarrett with high regard having played with Jarrett before in a Jazz Fusion project called Primal Groove. Luke had played with Kato in other projects including The Name Not to Be Named and a brief jam with the EJC.


These are some of the roots of The Ostrich Theory. More will be revealed. Following is a bio of Luke Martin as a solo artist.


Luke Martin is not a phenomenal dancer, but he can play the guitar. He dresses like everyone else, yet he dresses like no one else. He doesn't fit in anywhere, but he has the ability to fit in everywhere. Luke Martin is a musician. He took to music like a duck to water.
When he was ten, he picked up his first instrument, the trumpet. "The sound was huge!" Luke recalls. He sat in a school assembly where a man from Kline Music played trumpet for the kids. Luke was mesmerized by how loud it was. He immediately knew he wanted to join the band.
He went on to display amazing music ability winning his junior high's equivalent to the Lois Armstrong Award for his performance on trumpet in the Jazz band. As a freshman in high school he played with the highly competitive Laguna Creek marching and symphonic bands. (1996-1997) Along the way he picked up the guitar, drums and bass.
He played in a couple of garage bands as a drummer including; Brutal Aggression and Dreams of Freedom. Luke received his real estate license in 2001. Around the same time he had a date with fate in which he totaled his convertible as a direct result of his drinking. Having lost his potential fortune in what was one of the hottest real estate markets ever only helped solidify his decision to become a starving artist.
Luke went to Hollywood. The original goal was to find musician's as serious as he was, and to make it a legitimate trip (that his parents would sponsor). He enrolled at the Musician's Institute in Hollywood. He lived in a seedy little apartment and interacted with shady characters; thus was graced with plenty of experiences to write about (i.e. Halloween in Hollywood). At M.I. he studied guitar, vocals, song writing, music business, music theory as well as ear training and reading. He was trained in seven styles: Jazz, Rock, Funk, Reggae, Country, Blues, and R&B. He also played lead guitar for a band called 4:53 based out of Torrance. During his schooling, his shady activities and his drinking progressed near the point of no return.
At around the same time in the latter half of 2003 Luke's grandfather died and Luke decided to clean up his act leaving Hollywood. The photographs on his album were taken by his grandfather Derald E. Martin. Back home in Sacramento, CA Luke made some dramatic lifestyle changes and reassembled himself. During this time he fell in love, got married, and ultimately divorced. All along practicing and applying the lessons from Hollywood and M.I. with a keen and sober mind. He has written dozens of songs, and obtained some of his first copyrights in 2004. On October 7th 2008 he released his first E.P."7 Bullets" and continues to write and record music.

General Info

Band Members
Luke Martin - Vocals/Guitar, Mike Stewart - Bass, Jarrett Aitkens - Drums Robert Achilles - Keys
Artist Name
Ostrich Theory
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Rock / Alternative / Hard Rock

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Elk Grove, CA

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