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Ræmun ßrown is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. Ræmun started to play Drums and Bass at the age of 12 while playing along too his favorite performers at the time. His father was a diverse musician and encouraged Ræmun to experiment with different instruments until he found one best suited for his talent (Guitar). As a diverse Musician and engineer Ræmun plays Bass or Keyboard or Guitar (and sings) while also contributing audio production [live and recording] skills to various bands in the Austin TX metro.

Ræmun Brown received recognition from the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) group during a songwriter's event in Austin TX in 2002 and has spent decades sharing his talent and time with other musicians; helping them reach their own next level of musical excellence.

Throughout his experience he has written more songs than he knows what to do with. Ræmun’s Guitar journey began in Middle school with the instruction of his Choir teacher (Skinner). His first guitar lesson consisted of 7 guitar chords. Ræmun mastered those 7 chords by the next week and was eager to learn more as quickly as possible. He immediately purchased a guitar instruction book and taught himself everything he knows today. Ræmun continues his study as a Music Theory & Application Scholar to date and holds a degree in Business Management and Accounting.

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