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Teamboy Cold / Bio

This young man is more than a local Detroit artist some would say he is the soul of Motown’s return. Born in 1982 premature TB Cold must have been in tune with the Billboards charts because with “Physical” and “Eye of the tiger” being one and two on the charts this young soul fought through what’s was thought to be a lost cause surprising not only his parent’s but Doctors as well. It’s this physical fight and tiger eye in Teamboy Cold that makes him and his music epic. Teamboy Cold grew most of his life not know his father which lead he to look for it from an outside source the streets. Never being an easy task at a young age Cold would experience the loss of a close friend do to gun fire. “That kind of pain can’t be explained it’s a lesson we life and learn I hate that it took losing a friend to realize that even though we love the streets there’s no love in them”.(R.I.P Chris) While putting the finishing touch on his highly anticipated Now or Never Forever LP Cold has been very busy promoting the lead single “Vodka Party” Which can be seen on Youtube.com as well as “Stamina” the Street Anthem which has hit the city’s air wave on numerous occasions. The growth process has already begun for Teamboy Cold just listening to the music you hear the change. The Album title track Now or Never Forever is Classic Cold utilizes his vocal skills on a Luther Vandross remake with hip-hop twist that’s sure to be a fan favorite. When he speaks of his T.E.A.M. Together Everybody Achieve More is the only thing that comes to mind when asked why he’s so team orientated he said that “A great team can make you and a bad team can break you Thoro Musik is a brotherhood we make the best decisions for us as a whole and success is certain with those values”. From being on the FM 98 Next to Blow showcase, Shows with Hot 107.5 on Mr. 3525 himself DJ BJ, As well as Flash magazine mixtape and showcase. Cold also adds Showcase’s with National recording Artist Young Buck, Trick Trick, Tone Tone, K’jon, Mr. JigSaw and Obie Trice. Teamboy Cold is setting the bar for local acts and Labels looking at them we are making quality music in the city of Detroit it time the world’s starts hearing us.
Not only has Teamboy Cold been gifted in his voice, but his business mind is what drives him be one of the best. Impeccable vision for all the project’s Thoro Musik is preparing, Cold vowed that everyone on Thoro Musik are leaders and that one day in the near future the world will see us shine.
Cold says, "With God, all things are Possible. And I believe as long as I stay true to myself, remain humble and continue to love my family, I’m good, because I know from whom my blessings come from.

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Rave, LB the One, Spree, Kris Surf, Dos
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Teamboy Cold
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Hip Hop

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Detroit, MI

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