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Insubordination / Bio

Hi this is Scott. The last biography was pretty lame and I wrote it in the third person because I'm stupid so here is a better and less gay one. Dan asked me to jam and I didn't because I'm a prick. Then one day I got that idea. I had known Dan since 2005 from going to his brother's 16th birthday; and Ryan introduced me to him. So we jam one night in August of 2008 on some covers and super-popular-not-punk-rock-songs. I eventually wrote a few songs and we were a band. We came up with the band name from both of us being suspended from high school a couple of times each. We eventually had 14 songs and we made our own cd's. Its pretty bad if you ask me but we were stoked at the time. None of my friends or aquantinces wanted to play bass so I found Bryan on Myspace. He came to our first two shows and decided to be the bass player. In April of 2009 we were playing a show at Alley Katz in Richmond and the sound guy turned out to be a co-owner of Angry Pirate Records. We signed with them, wrote 17 or 18 songs and 14 or 15 of them made the cut for our first record on AP. It got named "Scottdanitbryan!"
Scott, Dan and Bryan of INSUBORDINATION bring together the punk sensibilities of NOFX, The Ramones, The Dead Milkmen, and Husker DU, mixed up with their own brand of youthful angst and wry sense of humor. Bringing back to punk what has been taken away in more recent years as punk became more mainstream. Extremely catchy riffs thought provoking lyrics added in with some anthem style gang vocals, produces a great mix of songs that are sure to become PUNK ANTHEMS!
you can find out all about them and hear a few songs at this link: http://angrypirateentertainment.com/insubordination .

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Band Members
Scott Trinca - Guitar/Vocals, Bryan Archer - Bass/Vocals, Christian Moquin - Drums
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Punk / Alternative / Indie

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Richmond, VA