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Kopasetik / Bio

Kopasetik has been recording original music since the mid-90’s, ‘96 to be precise. He started creating much earlier, when he got his first electronic keyboard as a child…the first of the Casio family with an onboard sampler, known as the SK-1. He would sample noises and such around the house and spend HOURS toying with them in any way he could, limited only by the keyboard’s technology. “Kopa”, as those musically close to him sometimes call him, knew even then that electronic music was how he wanted to express his creativity. He spent several years later in Life experimenting with various professional-grade synthesizers, looking to take musical matters in his own hands whenever finances would permit such a step. This search culminated in the purchase of a Roland XP50, which was a fairly high-end machine in its day. Roland’s “Fantom” workstations would do nicely as a more modern equivalent, and said purchase IS on his “to do” list, again when finances permit. Anyway, the XP50 was essential in the creation of Kopa’s first all-original, album-length project…a 90 minute cassette, the only copy of which is still stashed away for safekeeping.

There was a short while when he tried playing in a band, this experience bringing out fully the Roland’s ability to enhance, or replace, any of a group’s other instruments on a whim. He set up the synth for one of the group’s sessions, with every intention of playing a support role to the rest of the instrumentation. However, the rest of the membership was all too interested in stealing centerstage from one another, so what was initially going to be a group effort disintegrated right there on the spot. In answer to the lack of teamwork, Kopa recounts removing his instrument from the PA system and spending the same time his “bandmates” were trying to upstage one another to reproduce what he felt were the most musical parts of their acoustic arguments. He remembers, “It slowly dawned on the rest of the group what else they were hearing when I plugged back in and started re-introducing the pieces I’d put together.” He decided then that pursuing his own musical inspirations would be a more appropriate road to follow. With that thought in mind, Kopa packed up and bid the rest of them adieu to see what he could find on his own, musically speaking.

The XP50 has been out of comission for several years now, but the creative process is anything but standing still. Kopasetik is now using FL Studio, formerly known as “FruityLoops”, as the backbone of his current musical projects. “Great software for a great price, and infintely more powerful than most people give it credit for…plug plug.”, he says. He seems to find the timing surrounding the Roland’s “demise” compared with his introduction to FL Studio somewhat peculiar, in that one stopped working almost exactly as the other presented itself. Since he started using FL, he has experimented with electronic subgenres ranging from the laidback, almost meditative sounds of ambient, through the tempo range to the heart-pounding exercise regimen called drum’n’bass, but the last year or two has been mostly dedicated to a sort of psychedelic downtempo he likens to “a poledancer’s audition music”, more widely known as “triphop”.

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Electronica / Trip Hop / Psybient

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Mount Vernon, WA

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