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I was Born in Albuquerque NM in 1969. I have been a Metal head my whole life and I knew I wanted to be a rock guitarist from the start. A lot has happened since then and 2000 characters is nowhere NEAR enough space to give any kind of decent bio so I’ve just deleted it down to this. I am currently trying out other members. In the mean time, everything you hear is just me with my guitar, Keyboard, & computer. Hope you like what you hear! Horns up & STAY METAL! /,,/!!

Feel. The idea behind Torment Faktory is complicated, but at the same time simple. Having been around the globe to third world nations numerous times as an American soldier, my music is an attempt to express the feeling of futility and hopelessness I have personally felt in seeing what is considered "music" in today's society, but also saw in the faces of so many who lived and died as members of societies which the vast majority of Americans will never understand. You think Iraqi or Afghan's want their countries to be like America? Think again. The vast majority of the Iraqi and Afghan people I personally met think that Americans are VERY shallow and have very materialistic goals with almost no thought or credence given to moral principals, even the ones in our own constitution. Personally I tend to agree with them for the most part, except, that I truly believe in the constitution our forefathers constructed. We have as a nation strayed VERY far from the original principals of this document in almost every area that it covers. What has been left is a sad overwhelmingly misinterpreted version of what it was, to suit those who were (and currently are) in power enough to change it at the times that it has been changed. The end result is a horribly perverted version of what were very solid, well thought out, set of moral principals for any society to live by. As a soldier for the United States Army who has personally experienced a large portion of this world, and the various governments in it, I can tell you first hand that the ORIGINAL concept of our constitution was very well founded, and the moral fiber held therein could stand a fresh, open-minded re-look from the vast majority or "left wing" members of our society. Alas, mine is not a "popular" view on where this great nation of ours should be going, so as Metal heads have always been and done I stand in my beliefs virtually alone, knowing only that what is morally right should prevail, and God DAMN the torpedoes! Full steam ahead! My music will ALWAYS reflect what I feel is right and bulldoze its way through those who feel that I should have more contemporary views if I want to "make it" in this industry! I will ALWAYS STAY THE COURSE and STAY METAL!!!!

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Nathan T. founder & Lead/Rhythm guitars, bass, and keyboards.
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Metal / Alternative Metal / Industrial Metal

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Albuquerque, NM