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Anger Management / Press

“Press release : Ade Stokes, formerly of Stampin’ Ground / Betrayed By Many has been announced as the new drummer for rising UK metal band Anger Management following the recent retirement of drummer Jamie ‘Jammer’ Airns. Ade Stokes said, “I am excited to be back playing again with a cool bunch of guys. It is sad to see Jammer retire from drumming but I wish him every success and happiness in his new journey. I am looking forward to upholding the intensity of Jammers drumming and adding my own vicious slant on the new material, which is going to be savage! See you in the pit!” Anger Management’s debut full length album is expected in spring 2012 as follow up to the recent EP release ‘Beyond The Threshold Of Pain’.”

“Mixing modern day metal riffs with a vocal savagery somewhat reminiscent of Raging Speedhorn, Anger Management may not change the world but they'll sure as hell make it a better place”

DS - Terrorizer

“This is a great power driven MCD that is full of energy that has to be added to your collection. Well…if you like angry metalcore with awesome riffs belligerent vocals of course. It feels like you've been beaten up and left broken and bruised on the cold concrete floor when you listened to this five tracker. What more has to be added to this review? I guess nothing, so listen to Anger Management instantly, shit your pants and go out and buy motherfuckers!”

“SCREECHING into violent, amoral action like a carrion-crazed pterodactyl on a drugs binge, Anger Management are an exhilarating, vicious antidote to modern metal's penchant for playing it safe. This is ugly, antisocial, balls-out turbo-thrash that'll destroy everyt...hing in its path. Why dont more UK bands sound this pissed off? - 8 / 10 - Dom Lawson.”

Dom Lawson - Metal Hammer

“ANGER MANAGEMENT – Beyond The Threshold Of Pain CD-EP From start to finish, this band punishes, pummels and pulverizes on all fronts with guitars riffing like rifle fire and soloing with laser beam precision while the rhythm section drive like demons into the hellfire that are the songs and t...heir arrangements. www.deadearnest.btinternet.co.uk”

“With memorable riffs it coaxes you to listen again and discover new meaty morsels. ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’ has a whiff of Machine Head’s Imperium. Nice breakdowns, riffy loveliness, it’s like they read all the recipes for great metal and whacked it all into one big pot.”

“Anger Management have been featured in our Up & Coming bands page after having had them play one of our Thrashcan shows here in Coventry, West Midlands. We have just caught up with Matt Cox (vocals) and conducted this interview to give everyone an insight into Anger Management ‘Beyond The Threshold Of Pain’ being released on February 28th 2011 via Three Piece Recordings. and discover more about them. They have their debut EP”

“The band offer up a brutally heavy sound, one of the heaviest attack on the senses that I can remember, and you know what, they’re bloody great. Unlike many bands in this genre, Anger Management know how to mix things up a little, yes they are always brutally heavy, but they mix up the tempo, slowing things down on tracks like Show Your Anger, yet hitting subsonic paces on tracks like Ignorance is Bliss. Standout tracks for me include Lifelong Suicide, Show Your Anger and Fear and Self Loathing, but to be honest, with this Ep you’re in for 18 minutes of pure quality brutality! I love it.”

“Given the musical pedigree that goes to make up Anger Management, which includes Murder One, Underrule and Medulla Nocte you would never expect this, their debut EP, to be easy listening. There is no laid back sweeping soundscape here, no subtlety, no whimsy. Instead this is an unrelenting, massively heavy attack on the senses. You know for those occasions when Pantera just isn’t heavy enough. Traditionally at this point I should engage the cliche engine and compare the impact of Anger Management’s music to a truck, or maybe a freight train… Nope, not heavy enough.,, OK, try this… The biggest First World War battleships had, as their main armament, 15″ guns that could fire a shell weighing the best part of a ton over 13 miles.Well imagine being hit by one of those…”

“Overall this is a mightily impressive EP that has no weak track. The comparisons to Machine Head and Pantera are not only justified but demanded by a band who are far more developed and at a far earlier stage than either of those mighty bands and it would not be hyperbole to suggest that if Anger Management continue in a vein of this quality then they could easily stand toe-to-toe with Machine head in a very short space of time. Of course, such a bludgeoning attack would become wearisome over the course of a whole album, so hopefully the band will introduce some elements of variation when they come to record their debut full-length but in the meantime this is a masterful, brutal slice of heavy metal at its very finest played by some worryingly talented musicians. Expect to hear a lot more from Anger Management soon. They. Fucking. Slay.”

“Anger Management are one of those bands who seemingly fit in on a lot of bills - if you are heavy and are looking for a support, chances are they will be happy to come along and out-heavy you. On the strength of these songs I expect to be hearing a label announcement in the not too distant future, hell if I had one of my own I would certainly pick them up.”

“Riffs come thick and cleanly, while the bass kicks a solid thump in the background and the vocals are delivered with a roar that would appeal to fans of Lamb Of God.”