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Alucard / Press

“I just finished listing to rock and roll death machine top to bottom and man I'm in love!! I feel like that if Glen Danzig Davey Havok and Nick 13 had a 3 sum and one of them got pregnant... You would be the product!! Point is... One more fan earned!!”

Kevin Ellis

“These guys better stick around for awhile. If they’ve risen this much into the horror rock scene so far, I can’t wait to see where they’re at in the next few years. I really suggest you all check this band out. You won’t be disappointed. As stated above, if you like old AFI or Calabrese then you should really like these guys.”

Josh Burton - Terror Music Scene Unite

“ALUCARD: is a band that drew many questions to my mind, when I first heard of them. The sad fact is that most local horror/ vamp rock bands around these parts are far short of being decent. But who would have guessed that this simple band of three would blow my mind into pieces and eat the brain matter that was left behind "Vamp city rockers" is title of the band's first full length album. Although the cover seems almost modest, the tracks that are enclosed in this unholy love child of an album are far from it. With such hits as "death proof", "Coffin Club", and the oh so catchy "vamp rock woman" it would be a mistake not to pick up this underground powerhouse of extreme rockitude. Not only is the lyrics highly witty and catchy, but the audio editing and design is clean and professional sounding. so quit being a total pussy and go to www.stikmanrecords.com and pick up this gorious goodness. I rate this album 5 out of 5 skulls ”


“hahahaha man... I gotta say... I like the almost "spoofy" direction ALUCARD is taking. Album called "Rock N' Roll Death Machine," with a name like ALUCARD (which, in itself is a parody of the genre), and all the talk about being Horror Rock Lords/Legends... freakin' love that shit, man. It's when bands take themselves too seriously that they get boring.”

Steve Danielson/Horror Artist

“Vamp City Rockers is the best Horror Rock album since The Traveling Vampire Show or Earth A.D.”

Horror Master 5000 - Horror Master 5000

“You guys sound like a cross between Misfits and Social Distortion.”

Promoter - Fat Man

“The second band to play was Alucard. These guys have been around for a couple of years now and they’re a really good band. A three piece vampire themed horror band, they always put on a good show. They’re a prolific band, as they’ve already put out something like 3 cds in 2 years, if I’m not mistaken.”

Dr.Gangrene - Horror Host

“ Alucard, like a vamp Tiger Army, only without the talent.”

Christopher McCollum - fan

“ Sharpen your fangs and rev those engines, Alucard is on the prowl with their debut full length, Vamp City Rockers. The Nashville TN trio fits right into that shadowy field of horror rock tracing its lineage back to The Misfits, marauding onward alongside current acts like Boney Fiend, The Epidemic, and Horrorwood Ending. They’ve got that vintage rock ‘n roll swagger so many horror acts strive for, embracing their type-cast persona with unquenched hunger. ”

Cole Faulkner - thepunksite

“This record is harder and louder then the first one. It is gonna smash shit!”

Justin Radcliffe

“After listening to the new Album "Rock and Roll Death Machine" -It never felt so good to be this bad. -Hank Trank”

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