Albatross / Press

“The closing track Smoke & Mirrors is where Albatross show they are very capable song writers and not just another blues rock band.”

“I am REALLY digging what you guys are doing. Seriously cool stuff. "Evil Woman" is such a good jam. Big, tough blues and done damn well; I love it!”

“Happenstance was independently recorded and produced which gives the EP this great grittiness and raw sound to the album.”

"Smoke & Mirrors" is my favourite, so light in places and hard in others, vocals haunting and beautiful! They have such a unique sound and such high quality musicianship and lyrics. WOW!

“God it's been a while since I've heard someone play the guitar like that - song "smoke & mirrors"”

“Whether it’s a slower song or an upbeat track, the vocals and the music go perfectly together and create a unique mixture of genres.”

"There is a certain vibe here that is just magic. In short, one of the most exciting bands to come out of Ontario in a long while (See, there CAN be Canadians who rock!) the future seems bright for Albatross! ”

“Albatross is a band out of Cochrane, Ontario who play an awesome mix of Blues, Classic Rock and straight up Metal! Still in their beginning stages they only have a couple of tracks online asides from some covers, but what they do have is brilliant. They need to keep doing the great bluesy rock under one Albatross, and then form a metal group under a different one, the potential is just too high.”