AITG/Agony In The Garden / Press

“I checked in with Mack Perry to find out what his alternative rock band, "Agony In The Garden" (AITG), has been up to since I reviewed the band a few months ago (the original review is posted below). According to Mack, he has signed with Sunny Dragon Records/Studios, and brought Gena Cygnar on board soon afterwards. Jeff Witwer is no longer with the band. Currently, Mack is covering drums and bass along with guitar, vocals, and writing for all of AITG's compositions. He's working with Sunny Dragon on an EP and video release, and in Spring 2014 will be touring from Ohio to California. AITG will also be starting a Kickstarter soon, so be on the lookout for it! AITG is currently being played on various internet radio stations, including RockFanatic, Rocker's Dive, and Indie 365. Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MackPerryAitg YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/AgonyInTheGardenMP?feature=watch”

“Agony In The Garden is a alternative/progressive rock band from Dayton, Ohio that has Mack Perry and Gena Cygnar on guitar, Perry doing lead vocals, and Jeff Witwer on drums. AITG first blasted into my consciousness when I listened to "Wayward One" for the first time. It's a brilliant track that carries you away with it on a dark, ominous cloud. Grounded in Witwer's furious staccato drumming, the medieval-sounding guitar riffs provide the perfect foil for Perry's gravelly vocals and dark lyrics. The intricate rhythms and medieval feel of "Wayward One" remind me of Alter Bridge. The almost psychedelic feel, brilliant guitar solo and echo guitar of my favorite tune, "Time," calls to mind Dream Theater's best music. A video on RN/YouTube of Perry discussing his guitar picking technique shows both how technically proficient and passionate about his music he is. If you're anywhere near Dayton, check out Agony In The Garden, and you'll be doing yourself a favor”