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Matthew Martinek / Press

“Love your style and songs! Keep on rockin!!!”

jetmouse - Reverbnation

“Immaculate Work ~Very Well Done”

Enoch. Arcane - Reverbnation

“Wow, original, very cool :-)”

my name is mark - Reverbnation

“Brilliantly original arrangements!! Keep it goin!”

FATBO SEUSS - Reverbnation

“WAITING TO ADORE, like the rest of your tracks is a grabber, a sharp needle-of sweet truth and beauty that grabs, holds and sinks its hooks deep into my heart, impossible to ignore.”

David Namerow (Congas/Hand Percussion) - Reverbnation

“Great music! I'm lovin' "Waiting to Adore".”

Erica Rebinski - Reverbnation

“Great tunes man!”

Stolen Empire - Reverbnation

“Great tracks, very well produced. "Mountains of Mars" reminds me a little of XTC. Very well done.”

EKM - Reverbnation

“Listening to "What Nobody Knows" Cool riff and love the vocal melody.”

Bernie Landry - Reverbnation

“If you could bottle your musical imagination and sell it - you'd be a millionaire... You're a truly unique treasure... Thanks for sharing your vision with us......”

the Throdgemorten Five - Reverbnation

“Hey I dig your voice man and love the Bolan influence!”

Stripped In Secret - Reverbnation

“Diggin your sound !!!!”

Joel Wilson and the Revivals - Reverbnation

“Beautiful songs!! Keep up the good work man!”

MDZ - Reverbnation

“Great Matthew!!”

d.a.m.p.f.t - Reverbnation

“Waiting to Adore has great lyrics and sound great melodies as well love your stuff man!!!”

Threat - Reverbnation

“Amazing sound! I enjoy your work!!!!”

Two Lions - Reverbnation

“Interesting style blend of styles, almost soft punk, hard to classify, Liked, Linked, Fanned, Loved!”

H3onE3 - Reverbnation

“A bit too good!!!”

tan gent - Reverbnation

“Very cool songs here!”

pinkswe - Reverbnation

“Very good ideas and style. I like it. All aboard is my favourite”

Silvio Puzzolu - Reverbnation

“Coming back for more of your awesome music!!”

Ellen Once Again - Reverbnation

“Nice music and wonderful voice!”

Ior Mar Electric - Reverbnation

“Wow! Excellent music!”

Heartsong - Reverbnation

“Good music!”

Makoto Yashiro - Reverbnation

“Nice sounds and very good songs! You have a good recording voice! Nice stuff!”

The Strats - Reverbnation

“Really awesome songs! great sound!”

Breaking Addiction - Reverbnation

“Great sounds her. Very polished and fully realized stylistically.”

Cap Wilhelm-Safian - Reverbnation

“Just wanted to stop by and say Congratulations !!! You caught and passed me on the Alternative Charts, that's an heroic accomplishment in my book :) Keep up the great work my friend, I'm honored to be in your company !!”

Foxman - Reverbnation

" Waiting To Adore " fantastic track Matthew .

The Fabulous Del Counts - Reverbnation

“Top notch!!♫”

DivinWoken - Reverbnation

“I see that #1...Congrats!”

Rob Dee - Reverbnation

“Diggin it!!!”

BRIAN ALLEN - Reverbnation

“This is really good. Sounds original and personal.”

Roger Aldridge - Reverbnation

“Love your style of vocal, so engaging to listen to!”

The Electric Era - Reverbnation

“Listened to "Waiting to Adore"... Really cool sound and arrangements, I would say the flow that does not let you go..”

CROATiAN Sensation VJ - Reverbnation

“I'm really digging your tunes. You definitely have a great sound. I like the way how you transitioned "Waiting To Adore", in the middle of the song.”

R3LL - Reverbnation

"Waiting to Adore," i could have SWORN you had David Bowie as a guest singer on the track --- but you didn't, that was you! amazing! love what you're doing!

Anesthesia Scream - Reverbnation

“Very cool sound, interesting arrangements. You have a great talent!”

Steve Zemba - Reverbnation

“Awesome songs and music here! I like it very much!”

Karlheinz Fey - Reverbnation

“Great music! I really am enjoying your tunes! -Tete-”

teteroom - Reverbnation

“Cool voice Matthew, love your tunes!!”

TRIBAL PATH - Reverbnation

“Real great stuff! Brillant songwriting. Mouintains on Mars could really be an old one of David himself :)”

Keltikon - Reverbnation

“Cool! A real nice surprise.”

Fletcher's Castorians - Reverbnation

“Really Cool Music!!!”

FeNyX - Reverbnation

“Thanx for this nice morning-concert !”

bouggy wheeler - Reverbnation

“Excellent wrting and production! Super all the way around!”

Paul Kriege - Reverbnation

“Waiting to Adore is excellent! Really enjoyed it!”

Brummett and Lynn - Reverbnation

“Great songs!”

Listen Lisse - Reverbnation

“Good to hear sound that is a pleasure to my head!”

Cool Fool Cool Fool - Reverbnation

“Great songs and sound!”

Simon Husberg - Reverbnation

“Been listening to "Waiting To Adore" over and over, shared with everyone...great music!”

Sabine Ritthaler - Reverbnation

“t's a pleasure to meet you virtually ~ and to hear your music & voice. Love it!”

Amy Denio - Reverbnation

“Awesome sound!”

Celina Bree - Reverbnation

“Great vibe Matthew. You have a very unique sound. Love it!”

Eyes Thru You - Reverbnation

“Very original and creative songs here Ear Candy!!!”

Electrosonix - Reverbnation

“A great songwriter who has written some great songs & fantastic lyrics!! Congrats!!”

Danny Busby - Reverbnation

“Just back to walk around on "The Mountains of Mars"!”

Jeffrey Whitman - Reverbnation

“just wanna say a massive thanks for Ur Fanship & support on my Reverb profile; I'm also LOVIN Ur music! Really cool, original eccentric off the wall sound, U have such a distinctive voice & I love the whole Bowie, Bolan Space age Glam Rock influence! I'm a massive Bowie fan myself, & I'm also influenced by the Iconic larger than life Rock stars of the 70s, espesh Bowie & Freddie. M! I also enoy the mellow acoustic guitar instrumentals which give the songs & Ur vocals room to breathe, & like the quirky storytelling style of Ur lyrics! I espesh enjoyed "Mountains of Mars," "Ripe Stars" & "Stars and Alleys!" I've now joined Ur Fanlist & Lliked/shared!”

Jamie Connolly - Reverbnation

“Great sound!! Awesome, love Ripe Star”

13 Lives - Reverbnation

“I love Waiting to Adore! Great keys, cool vocals and nice composition! I'll be back to listen more!”

Naked Singularity - Reverbnation

“Hey you've got a cool vibe going on here! Keep it up!!”

Digital Black - Reverbnation

“Cool tunes, very hip vibe, curious mysterious musical beds!”

Rob W Carlson - Reverbnation

“I listened i loved it. :”

CORSELECTRO - Reverbnation

“Great songs and voice Matthew!”

EveryDay Jesus - Reverbnation

“I like "Mountains of Mars." You have a unique sound, a little reminiscent of David Bowie :)”

V Padla Gootee - R

“Unique sound... I like it... something very cosmic-rock with a little melody.... Good stuff :)”

Marquita Brown - Reverbnation

“Great Music Matthew!..Best Regards! ”

Fernando Adrián Correa - Reverbnation

“Love the music!”

Poor Favor - Reverbnation

“Your music is amazing!”

FG solo artist - Reverbnation

“Very good lyrics!!!”

JKing - Reverbnation

“Right on man. I can dig it. Pay attention kids. This is real music. ”

Tehvul - Reverbnation


Circus Liberty Music - Reverbnation

“Excellent work, congratulations! Dj Mario Afonso recommends ”

DJ Mario Afonso - Reverbnation

“Outstanding writing Matthew! Your voice is truly one of a kind! Very melodic & extremely original! Very happy to connect with ya!”

Auriemma - Reverbnation

“Back here listening to your fabulous songs :)”

The Hillbillie Dix - Reverbnation


The Three Distractions - Reverbnation

“Solid orig work!! Respect from Chicago!”

Thadeous Project - Reverbnation

“Love that harmonized vocals! Fun listen! ”

Robert Cordero - Reverbnation

“Nice sound and style. Good Vocals, Lyrics, Melodies and Musicianship throughout. Enjoying all the front page today. My picks: ALL OF THEM.......”

Extreme Dream - Reverbnation

“Great sound, great songs!”

The Dave Farrant Band - Reverbnation

“Excellent sounds, great grooves and creativity abound, love the ups and downs of 'Virtual Man', great keys and smooth vocals!”

Relative Blood - Reverbnation

“Back for more of your awesome music!”

Ellen Once Again - Reverbnation

“VERY talented - love your style.”

Lady Zombie - Reverbnation

“Your music is inspiring! Best greetings from Vienna!”

Palindrome - Reverbnation

“Nice sound and style. Good Vocals, Lyrics, Melodies and Musicianship throughout. Enjoying all the front page today. My picks: ALL OF THEM..........”

Extreme Dream - Reverbnation

“Stopping by to show some love an listen to ur great music♪♪ Hugs Love & Peace”

Nicole and Cascade - Reverbnation

“Wow! What a creative talent! We dig it! Gotta love the ingenuity. What a credit to Dallas! Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us! Loved Virtual Man!”

Off Limits the Band - Reverbnation

“'Virtual Man' is dynamite...love the effects and instrumentation...Will be back for more!”

Mirrored Shower - Reverbnation

“This is very creative work. The vocals, music, and poetry are all unique. I suggest you "play all".”

The Song Doctor - Reverbnation

“Very nice music! Really liked "Ripe Star" and "Virtual Man". You've got a great sound...keep going!”

RV DOUGLAS - Reverbnation

“Excellent sounds, great grooves and creativity abound, love the ups and downs of 'Virtual Man', great keys and smooth vocals!”

Relative Blood - Reverbnation

“Beautiful lyrics and melodies! You're a great credit to Dallas...and the rest of the World!”

Chris Aable - Reverbnation

“Love the slightly off-kilter vibe in your music. Beautifully written & played - awesome arrangements.”

Noise Level - Reverbnation

“Hey great tunes! - my fav is Mountains of Mars”

D.D.M. - Reverbnation

“Vintage sound and feel. And THAT is a good thing!!!”

Sebby Boy - Reverbnation

“Listening to Virtual Man tonight. Wonderful music friend!!”

Ellen Once Again - Reverbnation

“Outstanding meeting of vocals,guitar and passion on your very cool song "Blue Beyond" Matthew!! ”

John Revitte - Reverbnation

“Great sound, great songs,”

THE dAVE fARRANT bAND - reverbnation

“Amazing songs Matthew!!”

Stoneria - Reverbnation

“Wild songs, man!!!”

Angels in Fire - Reverbnation

“Lovin the tunes!”

Torn Like Colours - Reverbnation

“Really great songs and sounds”

Rick Parnell - Reverbnation

“Is there enough room for me to go with you to the "Mountains of Mars" ! Excellent tune!”

Jeffrey Whitman - Reverbnation

“Here I am again ears on the alert, something keeps bringing me back, guess its the talent!!!!!!!”

Budd Zunga - Reverbnation

“Hey Matthew. Great recordings. Love your vibe, sound!”

Mary Confurius - Reverbnation

“very interesting composings, arrangements..BLUE BEYOND & RiPE StaR are my FaVes”

Gundirock - Reverbnation

“Good stuff here - Very talented!”

Ric McNaughton - Reverbnation

“South of Holly really digs your tunes”

South of Holly - Reverbnation

“Really great music! Especially liked Mountains of Mars. Keep rocking!”

Vpopolam - Reverbnation

“Back for more of your awesome music. Listening to Virtual Man. Love the singing and arrangement.”

Ellen Once Again - Reverbnation

“All Aboard! awesome ♥ ♥ ♥”

Amanda Pollard - Reverbnation

“'Virtual Man' has a very nice Pop-rock groove and some great melodic playfulness, would love to hear this track when you have it mastered.”

The Pizza Kings - Reverbnation

“I'm on board with "All Aboard" and "Virtual Man!" Nice vibe and feel to the tunes”

Sur Rod - Reverbnation

“Your great boss! More power! You rule!”

ROSES FOR GRACE - Reverbnation

“Terrific sound and songs!!!”

Deirdre - Reverbnation

“Excellent stuff Matthew, love it :-) i feel early Bolan and Bowie in there too, really quirky and unique”

Bunnybiryani - Reverbnation

“Love the songs, their composition, and the mixing is a perfect balance!”

Gerald "GothiCello" Nicks - Reverbnation

“Matthew, Keep on Rocking Babe! I love your sound It takes me to a different place in time when I was very happy!”

Stacie Monahan - Reverbnation

“Love your music! Your a awesome singer!”

musicfan171 - Reverbnation


Raymond Burkeist - Reverbnation

“Matthew, This is some of the most interesting and eclectic singer-songwriter material I've heard. I listened through all the tracks, and Mountains of Mars really got me.”

Janice Kephart - Reverbnation

“Very entertaining & exciting beats... Great guitar sound & great voice...”

Fatamorgana - Rerverbnation


B.C. Bungee - Reverbnation

“Beautiful & wonderful world...”

Norio - Reverbnation

“Different sounds....yet I hear the past in a future sound. CHEERS !!!”

Cast No Shadows - Reverbnation

“The Owegi Band declares your music the TOO COOL TUNES of the day.... Brian Wilson’s experimental nature meets the Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band...”

The Owegi Band - Reverbnation

“Your tunes are really interesting, deceptively intricate but everything has a cool groove, bounce,hook ...”

THEY KNOW - Reverbnation

“Listening to Virtual Man. You're a very talented fellow!”

Pravinand Maharaj - Reverbnation

“Your music if refreshingly unique! Keep up the great work. I'm a big fan!”

Tom Hedrick - Reverbnation

"Dreamers Dawn" takes me back into the good old days of The Smashing Pumpkins! I've read your story and feel the same when the emotions are so intense that either you cry or cut yourself to release them!

NameNeverCame - Reverbnation

“Lovely sound! Nice style! Marvelous voice!”

Dvahyu - Reverbnation

“Virtual Man is pretty damn cool. Really unique songcraft and fragrant arrangement.”

Sills & Smith - Reverbnation

“Virtual Man >> Very grandeur. You have a wide array of ambient vocal effects. Brilliant. Highest Ratings”

Greg Ashton Haze - Reverbnation

“Great stuff!!!Bring it on!”

Diamonah - Reverbnation

“Love your style...Great Tracks!!”

RyanCreganMusic - Reverbnation

“Wow man I love your sound!! You really remind me of Cat Stevens in some ways so sweet!!”

World Wide Pocket - Reverbnation

“Your songs are great! Especially "Blue Beyond" and "Mountains of Mars". Also all of your other songs are great!”

Marek Starx - Reverbnation

“Matthew, really cool. so original! Keep those tunes coming. I'm a fan!”

Breeze - Reverbnation

“You are a genre-bending talent! Great work!”

James River Station - Reverbnation

“EXCELLENT and diverse group of songs here. VERY well written, great vocals, and cool guitar playing. Nice job! Wayne ”

The Professor and Naomi Kay - reverbnation

“Your music is wonderful.... I will be back to listen again and again. All the best to you”

Steve Eads - Reverbnation

“Excellent Idea"s and sounds Matt”

The Higgs Band - Reverbnation

“Very beautiful and entertaining songs you got here, Matthew! Intresting and complex arrangements... Respect! Wishing best success with the production of the Album!”

Laury, World-Sound-Colours - Reverbnation

“Lik'in..Virtual Man..Ripe Star..COOL Voice!! Thumbs UP!! ”

The Fores - Reverbnation

“[MATTHEW MARTINEK}.......PLAY ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!”



Alexandra M. Manolesco - Reverbnation Fan

“Wow..What a trip! like taking a nostalgic journey through the 60's back catalogue of everyone from Donovan to Bowie..particularly like "Virtual Man" which is a masterclass in the production styles of George Martin, Joe Meeks or Tony Visconti..lush and narrative, dynamic and beautifully arranged. Fantastic songs and superbly realised!”

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation

“Your music is inventive and mesmerizing! I love it!”

Juliann Andreen - Reverbnation

“Your music is fabulous!!! I is an great experience to listen!”

KC Daleigh - Reverbnation

“Really nice sound you have here. Love your vocals!!! Great talent.”

Sonja Quintana - Reverbnation

“Wow !! So love your music!!Very unique and exciting!!”

Hillbilly Dix - Reverbnation


Mike Ferguson - Reverbnation

“Great vocals and superb music!”

Anchorage Alaska - Reverbnation

“Great songs! Like your style!”

The Fabulous Del Counts - Reverbnation

“Love your songs! Brilliant compositions!”

The Silence - Reverbnation

“Love the quirky nature of this fine music!”

Anchorage Alaska - Reverbnation

“Really cool,unique, sound going on! I really love it!”

Michelle Kasajian - Reverbnation

“Great music! It was so good that I subscribed to your upcoming Youtube channel:)”

Paul Amirault - Reverbnation

“Absolutely love your sound.”

Danielle Reich - Reverbnation

“Awesome! I really enjoyed "Virtual Man"”

Yolanda Foxx - Reverbnation

“I am really loving your song "all aboard", very original sound, music and vocals are cool.”

Kim Guthrie - Reverbnation

“Virtual Man--nice work--ROCKSSS!!”

Joey Pilskin - Reverbnation

“Great job! Very original melodies!”

Euro Rojas - Reverbnation

“I love the experimental feel to your songs. You're full of surprises! Wayyy Coool!! ”

Mike Dorn - Reverbnation

“What a amazing great music! Great vocals! Your music took me on wonderful journey.”

Ryo Utasato - Reverbnation

“Very individual and intelligent music.Great work !”

Leon B. - Reverbnation

“I am enjoyed all the instrumental layers of music in each song. Very creative..great sounds”

The Rose of Sharon - Reverbnation

“Amazing music on your page!!!”

Electronic Emotions BCN - Reverbnation

“Matthew...A fresh approach with style and vocal. Really enjoyed your songs.”

Vic Quinton - Reverbnation

“Just digging the vibe on Virtual Man!. I really like music w/ original thought provoking ideas!.”

R. Pickett Bugg - Reverbnation

“All Aboard!!! Great Track Matthew ”

Mayan Maze - Reverbnation

“I love the sound! Very enjoyable...I applaud the originality of your music! ”

David Niles - Reverbnation

“Virtual Man is my fav cut. Geat lyrics great musicianship. Wonderful job friend.”

Orev Shalom - Reverbnation

“Listening to Virtual Man this morning....man you're a super-talented dude! Fantastic songwriting and arrangement, not to mention the superb performance! ”

Dry Martinez - Reverbnation

“ I love the experimental feel to your songs. You're full of surprises! Wayyy Coool!! ”

Mike Dorn - Reverbnation