Zydeco Flames / Press

“This album explores a really unusual direction: although the 18 tracks include zydeco music written by the group, three traditional songs are included (“OH, MADELINE”, “CO FA” and “CREOLE SONG”). The album gives you 72 minutes of music, but you won’t have time to get bored. Zydeco Flames lineup definitely has its roots in Creole music, adding their own style to the mix. The title track, “FIRE IT UP”, is striking right from the first notes. The harmonica is sometimes added to the accordion, particularly on “WIDE LOAD”, with excellent results. This is noteworthy because it is quite rare in zydeco music. I loved the way the two instruments “speak” to each other. Every song is original in its own right, and the songs are long. Some are better structured than others and those are our favorites; “EMERGENCY”, “RUSH RUSH”, “SHOT DOWN”, “CREOLE SONG” and “CO FA”, these last two being traditional classics. All in all, this is an interesting CD.”

Jean-Paul Claveau - BLUES