zwaremachine / Press

“The Raumschiff EP will be released by Ionium Records on 15th of February 2011 as 5 track version EP.”

“Thoroughly deranged, Zwaremachine will trash your sense of disbelief inside of a minute into the first song and continue to do so all the way through.”

"Varied, creative and ... occasionally crashing halt. Ambient-references can also be found, but keep in check. Especially fans pointed laser sounds can be in the Raumschiff EP appreciate rhythmic deposits, which lend amid scraps of the experimental sample sound and a crisp nuance."

"The skillful acoustic horror trip, with enormous potential to scare the neighbors with appropriate volume. As memorable EP-Raumschiff of the duo Zwaremachine, the experimental result. In the classic tradition of Industrial disturbing encounters masterly."

“ZWAREMACHINE - Dark and dangerous individuals known for various stunts including walking through walls, time-shifting, and designing futuristic sonic weaponry.”