ZuP / Press

“This album sound like Aesop Rock got in a fist fight in a dark alley with Kid Cudi, Sublime and the love child of Jay-Z and Denise Huxtable with whoever is listening coming out the winner.”

“At under 48 minutes it is not too long, not too short, and really no two tracks sound alike. It is the perfect mix of rock, pop, and rap, easily transcending multiple genres and appealing to just about any fan of music in general.”

“...ZuP comes in and right off the bat lets every listener know he is a RAPPER who just so happens as a smooth singing voice as well.”

“This song is powerful. You took a controversial subject, and knowing that you almost scrapped the song is amazing. You knew that you needed to get this out there, and you did it. (about "Sounds of Silence")”