Zuel / Press

“Since 2009, Zuel has been bringing their brand of thick, intricate metal to headbangers hungry for something different. Though broadly describable simply as metal, this umbrella term does not do the group justice, as it will not take the trained listener long to notice. Made up of singer Brandon Hawk, guitarists Tim Warren and Brent Raether, bass player Nick Crone and drummer Matthew (Stu) Tickel, Zuel shifts from subgenre to subgenre without missing a beat. Punctuated by periodic breaks and stops, their constant jumping of time signatures and changing of tempos blaze forth in a frenzy of chugging, destructive bliss. The guitars and bass glide up and down the scale, while pounding drums alternately gallop and stampede, weaving together a complex, blaring tapestry of sonic A.D.D. There is definitely something for everyone within the hysteria, and one doesn’t have to listen for very long for that to become apparent.”

“Intelligent, instrumental thrash and pound masters Zuel headline starting with the neck power-bombing Facemelter giving out fast secondary beatings with the grunting, thudding concrete wallop of the S—thammer. Rapture’s heavy mechanic, destructive, industrial sound captures the human panic of a world without mobile technology, texting and computers for a few days. There’s a nice guttural mixture of Godflesh, Meshuggah and Morbid Angel without evil/violent vocal intentions. Though, lyrically silent Zuel showcased a healthy experimentation with the elements of the periodic metal table, finishing with the five minute chug juggernaut Johnny.”

“Zuel is another one of those bands you really don’t want to miss; they are a treat to listen to blending hard core thrash with melodic tendencies with some jazz thrown in there. Currently, they still have no singer (they are looking), but with such great talent they stand on their own very well. Matt (Stu) Tickle is like a brutal octopus while playing drums. Nick was tearing his bass up. Tim and Brent played a lot of sick and twisted guitar riffs, great intros to songs and interludes are spot on, making the music truly unique.”

“There is no Dana, only Zuel. It’d seem like a no brainer to name your metal band after the feminine Gatekeeping minion of Gozer and sometimes drooling devilish canine worshipped by the Sumerians and Hittites in 6000 BC and subsequently overthrown by the Babylonian goddess Tiamat and banished to another dimension. But the guys from Zuel decided to be even cooler, changing the spelling and name it after the red eyed devil dog that lived in Sigourney Weaver’s refrigerator in the mid-eighties. Born in the summer of 2009, they’re a band with no gimmicks, no trends and no scene hair, which’ve recently gone voiceless so now only the music matters. They come right out and hit us with a prog, Helmet style guitar prodding taste of Morbid Angel with a S—t Hammer in the b—s. They prove they truly are Bill’s Gate Keeper on Microsoft Rapture. They slowly build up with solid steel spiked steps, jerking and jarring with sudden starts, stops, jolts and snaps.”

“Zuel, also from the Dayton area, was the second band to grace the stage at the Brewery. This quintet appeared onstage with one objective, to bring pure metal to the fans that were anxiously waiting. This band brings creativity and heaviness that many bands cannot attain. Their straightforward approach on stage is a force to be reckoned with and cannot be duplicated. One thing was apparent: There is only ZUEL…”