zubzub / Press

“The first band I’d like to draw your attention to is the ever zealous Zub Zub who, on the Friday night, proved the perfect act to headline the newly built outdoor stage....I can only describe the experience of seeing these guys illuminate the field around me, the sky smouldering in burnt tangerine as the sun slowly descended, as how I imagine – nay dream - a nano-form, 21st Century incarnation of Hendrix at Woodstock to look and sound. With a bouncy castle trance underlay, Zub Zub’s maddeningly accomplished electric guitarist unleashed a hailstorm of delicious synaesthetic psychadelia.."”

“The other pick of the day are ZubZub – much evolved from a quite brilliant set at Glade festival a few years ago, the post-Ozric tentacles group are still making inspired, dance-driven psychedelia together – it’s a joy to see them again ”

“..ZubZub started setting up - within minutes there was a mad variety of trancey beats from this collective, with flute and ambient guitar solos floating randomly over the top from the strong ex-Ozrics influence. My night was not lost and there were plenty of us lost in this cracking performance.”

“Kicking things off in the Liquid tent on the Friday were ZubZub, whose mix of electronica, techno and drum'n'bass eased us into the day nicely.....they weaved a soundscape around us that was lavish!”

“ ZubZub ended the outdoor party in some style. Awesome phat beats, down and dirty basslines, trippy flute....this was entertainment of the highest order.”

“Zubzub deliver a full-on mix of organic breaks, psych beats and swirls, with Jon's flute'n'pipes providing an ethereal and beautiful counterpoint to the mash-up going on behind him. They provide the best music on Sunday, no doubt!”

“Really some brilliant spaced out ethno techno material by Zia, the former Ozric Tentacles bass player.”

“experimental music that is well played and coming from a collective mind with simultaneous overflowing rhythms and stereophonica (new word for the dictionary!) at its' extreme.”