“ZOROASTER weave Moog, Theremin, brass, and hella more psychedelia into their doom. I can't stop listening”


“One of Georgia’s many excellent metal outfits, ZOROASTER play a particularly slow ‘n’ sludgy brand of the heaviest kind of rock ‘n’ roll. Prepare to have your face melted off—gradually.”

Paste Magazine

“excellent…monolithic slabs of stoner doom”


“Though we aren't that far-removed from their monolithic 2009 release Voice of Saturn, ZOROASTER is on the prowl with a new LP, a new label, and a (slightly) new direction with ‘Matador’, the band's debut for E1 Music (current home to High on Fire).”

Brooklyn Vegan

“Epic sludge/doom with a strong psychedelic bent… the Atlanta trio alternates between the deliberate pace and structure of classic doom and the more free-form, swirling departures of Hawkwind”


“Unholy doom…When ZOROASTER hit their groove, the results can be truly magical.”


“the psych-metalists...are-in some shape, form or arrangement-helping to evolve metal beyond its boundaries, while speaking directly to both its cornerstone and niche influences and avoiding any high-minded alienation of the genre's loyal enthusiasts. But most importantly, they will blow your minds as readily as your speakers”


“Per their subgenre, the trio got the mix between “psych” and “metal” remarkably balanced, a Blue Cheer raised on fried chicken, stories of exploding meth labs and early Mastodon shows. The trick is in their grooves – ZOROASTER know that sludge doesn’t swing all that often, but they sure as hell can.”


“ZOROASTER's 'Matador' might be one of the most anticipated records this year -- and it deserves to be”

AOL Noisecreep

“ [ZOROASTER] were still digging into 10+ minute songs on last year’s ‘Voice Of Saturn’, which is just one reason why the Sanford Parker-produced ‘Matador’ is so arresting: Dudes are still-doomy and psychedelic, but they’ve also become a crusty, bluesy rock ‘n’ roll band. With a few three-minute jams. With hooks. And it works! ”


“If you’re in the mood for doom-tinged psychedelic craziness instead, that’s when you’ll want to cue up the new one from Zoroaster. Matador (E1) is a marked improvement on the band’s previous efforts; a remarkable production job by Sanford Parker complements a major leap forward in song structure and rhythmic balance by a group that seems to have finally figured out its strengths and where to go with them. ”

The Onion

“The difference between worthwhile stoner/doom metal and the lackluster, heard-it-all-before variety is rather slim. Which leads us to Zoroaster, a monolithic three-piece hailing from the land of Southern dandies, Atlanta, GA.”

“These gents aren't post-metal, they’re primordial metal, and they have the talent and a sound that could allow them to chart a course of their own choosing.”

“Zoroaster has its own flavor of metal that is fueled by heavy riffs, slow beats, and guttural vocals. All in all, a sound that is unique and made famous by their compelling live shows.”