Zombies Unlimited / Press

“I just listened to "Sex Tape Murder," and it blows me away. In every regard, an absolutely fuckin' killer track!”

Justine Wilde - Musician

“The high energy and tight conceptual focus actually elicits a visceral fear response at times”

“A horror fan's demented techno paradise. Evil Dead, The Exorcist. Zombie. Mashed to some hard electronics, John Carpenter / Cabaret Voltaire style.”

“4/5 skulls Overall, the NOTLH OST is a great soundtrack for horror fans to listen to while getting high”

“091101 by John Marrone is one of Zombies Unlimited's best tracks ever. It is a powerful and dark remembrance of September 11th, from the planes soaring by, to a nuclear explosion of an ending (which thankfully has not occurred). Rumor has it that it was actually written and recorded in October of 2001, lending to its genuine fear transfer, thru darkwave ambience and horror techno. Brilliant...”

“John Marrone's music hits a lot more often than it misses as it represents and interesting, dynamic collection of electronic music that’s scary, catchy, and high concept all at once.”

“The Devil’s Chamber by John Marrone's Zombies Unlimited is a unique and no nonsense collection of sonic horror that will crush your soul”