Zombie Inkorporated / Press

“So with this blog post I am mixing it up a bit with the music choice I have found a new and original group that raps about what they care about most and that group is Zombie Inkorporated. Zombie Inkorporated At first I was a little discouraged and not so sure about the group because it was a differnt style then I was usually used to but I gave it a chance and listened to the songs a few times my perspective started to change. The beats Jonny Cabes is making are dope; I can honestly say these beats are one in a million, you are not going to find this shit in your average Wiz Khalifa or Lil’ Wayne album. To hear these beats you’re going to have to go straight to Cabes. Zombie Inkorporated has your rap style but the lyrics are sick, Zom breaks it down rapping about the usual drugs, partying, and sex but also has some that have meaning to them and you hear that through his lyrics in songs like “Speed Importance.” Zom uses his words and hardcore rap... (To finish click link)”