The Hell Cats / Press

“Contented bunny in fearless uncertainty ... If he?... Why not we? ...no words .. fuzzy face to the wind..”


"Great hardcore music. I would play this at my next party. Heavy + Psychedelic. Amazing, Strange, Chilly and Cool. Super Weird and Haunting. One of a kind for sure."

Triple R Hemp Ranch

"The loud squealing of the guitar in the intro was terrible i didn't enjoy it at all ! It hurt my ears really bad and i couldn't stand it.The melody was terrible along with the lyrics it was playing and also had a terrible pitch to them. I really hope this group doesn't get popular or end up on TV or anything of the sort. It sounds deranged and terrible."

Donald Trump's Twitter feed # 327,108

“We are really inspired by your unflinching originality. Refreshingly weird and unpredictable. Expansive...Thank you!”

Rolling Stoned

“The lyrics make no sense. The beat sounds like the people that made it have no taste in music. It is not a good sound. This band just completely needs to be locked away.”

Bland Ol' Opry