Ziplock / Press

“ZIPLOCK ‘Nothing To Prove’ (Horn And Hoof) Proper angry and in your face Punk Rock. This is proper meat and two veg in your face angry punk rock from ‘East Angular’ six tracks where you can almost smell the studded leather jackets, fags and beer as the singer shouts at you from the small stage in the corner of the pub. Song times range from an epic 4.28 to a blink and you miss it 56 seconds. The buzz saw guitar sounds almost bullied in the mix by the powerhouse rhythm section that are well to the fore, all klunky bass and crashing drums. The singer has a distinctive voice but the whole band seem to get a go with plenty of shout back vocals which just beg for some noisy crowd participation, like I said, proper punk rock. Simon Nott ”

Simon Nott - Simon Nott (of Big Cheeseand Vive Le Rock)