ZigZag / Press

“ As lead vocalist and keyboard player for ZigZag, Celine is the powerful muse that shapes the BIG SOUND. Celine has studied piano and vocals for over nine years with such luminary instructors as BJ Atkinson, Michael Lamb, and Heather Jeanette. In addition, Celine attends Governor’s School of the Arts where she studies piano, oboe, and Gregorian Chants. Besides Chopin, her musical influences include Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, Bruce Springsteen, and Billy Joel. She loves classical music, classic rock, and modern hits. Celine dreams of someday performing at either Madison Square Garden or Carnegie Hall. When not rocking with ZigZag, Celine likes to eat grapes, play basketball, and read all forms of printed matter. Her favorite class in school is Civics. ”

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