Zeus Rooster / Press

"Love your sound. 'Remember Me'...dark, tight, well written- a fabulous track :)"

Stirling - Reverbnation

"If this music does not inspire you, you might be dead! Amazing talent, dymanic, dramatic, and worth every second of time used to listen."

Blizzard -artist - Reverbnation

"Deep, well thought out melodies, terrific musicianship...this band gets a 5 star rating! I highly reccomend you check them out."

Jean-Pierre Johansson - Reverbnation

"Convergil is brilliant"

Derek Jasnoch -Artist - Reverbnation

"Absolutely brilliant playing and detailed, imaginative production keep these tracks riveting and intense"

MikeWhitePresents -artist - Reverbnation

"By the way" is....Beautiful.

Xenophanes Productions - Reverbnation

"Excellent songs and superb performance"

Anchorage Alaska- Reverbnation Artist - Reverbnation