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“New remix avaiable(including free download) Go check the full version!!! Download it and share it with your friends ! https://soundcloud.com/zeus_profile/borgeous-shaun-frank-this-could-be-love-feat-delaney-jane-zeus-remix https://wavo.me/pulses/13000868008210000”

“ZEUS´s new EP ´´In Your Eyes´´ is now available !Including ´´Artic Sunset´´ , ´´Back In time ´´ and a remix from Tecnomind! Check out the links ! Enjoy !”

“I´m mastering the new song,and I will await the release date which I will announce shortly thereafter ! Stay Tuned !!! :=)”

ZEUS - New Songs Comming Soon!!

“Allready Finished One Remix Of ´´Tecnomind -Living My Fantasy´´ And An Orchestral Version ,Also! The Release Date: 01 October 2012 By ´´LINGER RECORDS´´ ! You Can Listen The 2 Previews ,Following The Next Links http://soundcloud.com/linger-records/tecnomind-living-my-fantasy-z and http://soundcloud.com/linger-records/tecnomind-living-my-fantasy ! Stay Tuned!!!...There Is A Lot More To Coming!”