Zeta June / Press

“A strong resolve to evolve made them an indispensable piece of the Midwest circuit. Following three years of experience as a musical unit then being newly minted into the boisterous Colorado music scene this foursome is now ascending in the Denver-metro area. Their music melds genres and styles, creating a hard-charging, often melodic fusion that – thanks to a penchant for improv – offers limitless possibilities. With a rare ability to channel emotional melodic leads, Zeta consecrates the ground on which dance music meets free-form improvisation. The band uses this energy to create a rapport between the audience and themselves that is rarely seen in today’s world of manufactured rock. The result is a sophisticated yet accessible dance music with the ability to react instantaneously to the atmosphere of a room.”

“To the start the night off, local band, Zeta June is comprised of members Porter Hand, Mitch Hruby, Ian Crawford, and Cody Kuhens. With influences such as Umphrey's McGee, Phish, Grateful Dead, and Led Zeppelin, this band showed talent in the ability to create catchy melodies with an impressive sense of improvisation. As part of Iowa City's underground music scene, Zeta June has recently piqued the interest from many with a passion for eclectic music. Making headway with their music, Zeta June, had a CD release party on Saturday night at the Yacht Club. Not only, did Zeta June start the night off with layers of lingering sustained echoing guitar, exchanged between the swaying funk of reggage beats, many of those walking by through the ped mall of Iowa City stopped to watch in a trance of fascination.”

“As a self-proclaimed jam band, Zeta June, seemingly, has no apparent desire to stick to any pre-conceived commonalities of the genre. Highly original songs cover a wide musical spectrum and they display this eclectic sensibility by incorporating elements of funk, reggae, jazz, riff-heavy rock, tonally interesting guitar melodies, heavy walls of slow-moving psychedelic noise and, dare I say, even a splash of traditional folk. Abrupt feel changes at dynamically high points are a signature of Zeta June, adding a progressive element to this amalgamation of genre-bending creativity. Extended instrumental sections throughout show polished musicianship and an ability to defy conventional song structures. Unique ideas and instrumentation are deftly woven in each tune and no two tracks sound the same. Overall this album is a piece that covers a lot of ground and hits on many different levels.Considering that this is their first album, I have no doubt that Zeta June will continue to push bou”

"Zeta June is a dance focused jam band that dabbles in electronic and funk with a solid rock foundation. Their set at Avogadro’s did a lot to show the variety of music that they can perform live. Originals like the boisterous “No Tell Motel” and a rocking “Resume To Consume.” We were treated to a spot on rendition of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb.” At one point they ripped into a huge EDM inspired song utilizing some snap beats and spacey jams." “That’s our version of the dubsteps.” – Zeta June

"You don’t have to be a connoisseur of jam band music, a fan of funk, or know the lyrics from south park songs; Zeta June will get you dancing."