Zero Season / Press

“Though Zero Season just released its debut album this past Spring, the band has been at it for years under the moniker “Shift.” Dan Bodi (guitar, vocals), Nick Madderom (lead guitar), Wes Fisher (drums), and Tony Necas (bass) produce a solid brand of modern radio rock with crunchy guitars, manly-dude harmonies and soaring, standing-on-a-mountain-shaking-your-fist-at-the-crumbling-kingdom-beneath-you songs. It’s a road-map that’s worked for countless bands during the past 15 years, but seems to be a dying craft around these parts (KUFO?). On Friday, August 31st the local hard rock staple will lend a hand to upstart Red Rooster, who nabbed the opening slot at Duffy’s Hangar.”