Zero Point / Press

“Winner - WTNZ Fox 43 Battle of the Bands, 2008”

WTNZ Fox 43

“Winner - Regal Entertainment & 105.3 WIMZ Battle of the Bands, 2008”

Regal Entertainment / 105.3 WIMZ

“2009 Professionals Choice for second place in Big Mama's Battle of the Bands, the biggest battle of the bands in the Southeast”

Big Mama's

"This was their first live show, but from the way they played I wouldn’t have known it if I hadn’t been told. Individually its members have between 5 to 20 years of experience in music and that is reflected in their song writing and on stage ability."

Staff Writer - Determined in Knoxvegas Online

"Remarkable for their songwriting alone, the lyrical and explosive Zero Point applied universal energy on tunes like “Losing Ground” and set themselves apart with excellent stage presence."

David Grimes - Seymour Times