“I can still clearly remember the extremely charismatic frontman and the excitement of discovering a new Swedish band. I love the sound of the “Oblivion” album, just like ACCEPT managed to create something very modern sounding on “Blood Of The Nations”, ZERO ILLUSIONS have done the same here on “Oblivion”.”

“10/10 Der "God Of Hellfire" mag es mir verzeihen. Übrigens kommt einigen Beiträgen, wie zum Beispiel "Follow The Sign", ein bisschen Kamelot zu Gute. Keine schlechte Idee. Fans anspruchsvollen Metals und von Bands, die ich eben genannt habe, sowie den Formationen Mercury Tide, Glenmore und Balance Of Power können gleich zum Plattenladen marschieren. Diese Jungs muss ich live sehen.”

“With their straight heavy/power metal style, which never really lets up, Zero Illusions offers a strong groove, often with very catchy hooks. Alive, Who You Are, Honesty, and Oblivion rumble along with a sound that allows both headbanging and toe-tapping.”

“The songs are very compact in structure and production and draw extensively on simple groove and classic style hard rocking riffs. Simple, he said, but what about all those odd meters? Well, the thing is, Zero Illusions make things seem simple, although they really are kind of complex.”

“As soon as the opening track, “Alive,” of Oblivion, the second full-length album from Zero Illusions, kicks in, you get this sense of déjà vu, and not just because they sound like Saxon, though they most certainly do. A quick check of the Swedish melodic metal band’s lineup explains it: Nearly the entire Zero Illusions lineup previously was in the band Pain and Passion, which also had a strong Saxon vibe.”

“Their music can be categorized as Heavy Metal, with many apparent Progressive elements. The band lists very diverse bands as their influences like RAMMSTEIN, DREAM THEATER and METALLICA. The stunning guitar work of Janne Lüthje is the cornerstone of their sound with killer riffs and amazing solos. Björn Asking vocals are a good match to the music, while André Holmqvist (drums) and Tomas Reinerson (bass) are a solid rhythm section.”

“I was actually quite blown away by this band’s first effort. The boys sure haven’t disappointed me this time around either. This is good! No, I take it back – this is bloody great!”

"Zero Illusions have produced their second full album 'Oblvion'. This Swedish band blew me away after hearing their debut release last year, they've now gone even further with this metallic classic that has more direct polished sound.