Zerivana / Press

"Strumenti che riescono a creare perfettamente l'atmosfera voluta da Zerivan, quell'atmosfera atta a raccontare di maestosi paesaggi polacchi, foreste e di tempi andati legati alla storia del popolo polacco. Siamo di fronte ad un pagan folk/ambient molto sperimentale molto d'atmosfera sopratutto nella riproposizione di canzoni popolari della tradizione polacca. "Velesvarun" è un grandissimo progetto ma difficile da assimilare, difficoltà che nasce principalmente dalla mancanza di strumenti propri del metal, ma allo stesso tempo questa mancanza rende "Velesvarun" molto interessante."

Metalzone Webzine, Italy

"Zerivana's essence lies – as natural with nearly pure synthesiser – in the fact that simplicity can be very elaborated, expressive and recognisable. Just for the right attitude and sincerity this fabulous project deserves your attention. (...) If names like Apoptose, Wongraven, Die Verbannten Kinder Evas or even Puissance mean something to you, "Velesvarun" is a must."

Loke - Pagan Herald magazine, Norway

"All songs on this album are gems and are guaranteed to please not only ambient music fans but also a larger audience that simply looks for relaxing music... Highly recommended! This CD is to be enjoyed when in the heart of nature... and in a very relaxed mood. "

Christophe Szpajdel, Lord of Logos - private MySpace profile review

"The overall atmospheric ambience of the music possesses a distinctly dark yet undeniably beautiful sound, imparting aspects of the melancholic and pensive, yet nevertheless maintaining a certain epic grandeur and subtle elegance to it. By far, Zerivana stands far above many other similar instrumental/atmospheric projects in its genre for its skillfully rendered, complex, and evocative musical energy."

Ancestral Folkways mag., US

"Zerivana should be in charge of the music for films, black and white and subtly colored. Sometimes the songs make you feel as if moving images are passing in front of your eyes. In its most epic moments, which there should be more of in this record, it lifts up your spirit and makes you forget the images and move into a deeper sense of meaning. ‘Velesvarun’ is only the first long play of the extraordinary artist, which has been capable of transforming a story into sounds. When piano combines with textures, percussion and other instruments is when Zerivana sounds best. Mythology holds lots of stories. If we are lucky, perhaps Zerivana will be drawing more of them soon."

"Some tracks move more into a martial neoclassical spirit, but in general they could all be songs that move with images. The gelid mountains, the long trees that stand like spears after a battle, the silver nights bathed in the bleeding moonlight or the ochre colors of a drowning sun are portrayed in whispers within each sound."

"E' sempre interessante quando un musicista cerca di trasportare in musica le emozioni, i retroscena e la vitalità della propria cultura, delle proprie radici, soprattutto quando evita di utilizzare simbologie e ideologie che hanno poco a che fare con la CULTURA con le lettere maiuscole."

Destroyer - Covenant Webzine, Italy

"It is unbelievable what beauties continue to unfold from the real underground! With absolutely no compromises, and with a music coming directly from the heart, Zerivan managed to compose on his own a Neo-Classical Pagan Folk jewel!"

"W odróżnieniu od podobnych tworów, takich jak Wongraven czy późny Burzum, muzyka Zerivany jest cieplejsza, bardziej "zielona". Przy słuchaniu jej nie stają przed oczami mroźne, smagane wichrem skandynawskie pustkowia, lecz przepastne słowiańskie bory, wyniosłe górskie szczyty, kwitnące łąki i łany dojrzewających zbóż."

"Zerivana invite us to a great journey through Polish land and forests. I have already accepted this invitation and i encourage you to join too. Don't be afraid of something so different in an era where similarity reigns..."