Zergoth / Press

“There are 10 tracks on Psychological Defence,all played by musicians on top of their game.Unlikely Force opens the album with some razor sharp riffing,Maidenesque guitar melodies,pounding drums and the vocal delivery reminded me of early Exhumer.2nd track Strange Stuff brought to mind classic Megadeth but with Zergoth’s stamp on it.”

“From the fast driven drums, to the dual guitars, and flawless bass we get the best of METAL by incorporating old school sound with up to date thrash. The vocals are the perfect touch to finish the songs.”

“Psychological Defense sounds like five drunk and talented guys dicking around in a garage and almost accidentally creating some excellent material. In other words, it's exactly what a thrash metal debut should be, and it promises excellent work from Zergoth down the line.”

“In your face and straight up, guitars execute some fine riffage. Chops are declaring war on your eardrums. The solo is secure and spicy. Vocals are sitting in the mix well. Everything is on course and I want to hear more.”

“If someone handed me this and said check out this forgotten band from the late 80s I would believe they were actually from then. That's a rather good thing considering how god awful most of the retro thrash bands are today. ”

“First Impression: it doesn't take very long for the listener to come to the conclusion that these guys are accomplished musicians”